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The Anger/Grief Protocol:

There are several variations which can be made on the Fear Protocol which will accelerate release of old stored emotions. Fear often causes us to repress our grief, and grief often causes us to repress our anger.

DB Topanga, CA Severe fibromyalgia, arthritis, torn ligament right ankle, back pain, herniated disk and nerve damage. Whole body pain. Emotions - used for grief, stress, meditation, healing from severe childhood abuse. I use it at least 3 times a day, ten minutes each treatment, in the evening at the area that needs the most treatment. Bottoms of feet, right ankle, below knees, pelvic, back, hands, neck and chest points.




How It Works






I don’t use painkillers, I use my machine. Didn’t need surgery on torn ligament or disk in back. I don’t know if I can begin to tell you how much this machine has affected my life in all areas. I have severe physical problems but am able to function without painkillers. Emotionally it is a huge asset, releasing stress and grief. It helps me to meditate much more deeply, helping me to release and heal severe childhood abuse and trauma. I am very grateful that I have it. Thank you.

A principal location where deeply stored grief and rage can be accessed is the lower abdomen to the left and right of the pelvic bone. If you push there and find tightness and discomfort, you have issues to work on. Grief is more often stored on the left side and anger on the right. This may be related to the fact that spleen and pancreas, organs of assimilation are located on the left side, and the liver and gall bladder, organs which break down foreign substances like animal food products, are located on the right. (Left side (sympathy) creates relationships and right side (anger) destroys them.) You can apply the Infratonic wherever in the abdomen you find tightness or discomfort. After ten minutes on the abdomen point it is most effective to apply to the Sacrum for 10 minutes, then the Heart Center for 10 minutes.

Cognitive processes stored in the pelvic floor are generally issues of survival, tribal issues, and inherited fears, which can contribute to a host of ailments like chronic low back pain and degeneration in the L4-L5 area.