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Cognitive Processing Points and Storage Areas:

The following are cognitive processing and storage areas. Please click on the area you like or read the entire article. Just beliw is a chart showing the points.

Cognitive Processing Points:




How It Works






Heart Center: (Center of Sternum over thymus) This the main center for processing emotional stuff we are aware of, and the most commonly used Infratonic Therapy point on the body. In fact, one and two year old children will frequently spontaneously grab the transducer and contentedly hold it to this point. This is where all the divergent cognitive stuff comes together and gets organized into a coherent whole. Heart is one location where it might be beneficial to use all three modalities. Mind is the most commonly used because it helps us cast the light of the intellect on emotional issues, helping us to see that the things we think we want don’t really serve us. Physically, Mind can help to reduce inflammation and edema and normalize cellular behavior in the area as well (Helping our cells to see that what they thought they wanted, like inflammation or edema, does not serve their fellow cells). The heart center is also effective for strengthening the immune system, invigorating the lungs and strengthening them against infection. If the patient is aware of discomfort in the chest, apply directly to the area of discomfort until the discomfort disappears or moves to another location.

Body is valuable where there is cellular damage and sluggishness. This can be valuable where there is chronic cough or heart or arteries are compromised. The high beta frequency in Spirit helps bring the mental conflicts to light. Where we carry deep set or subconscious assumptions about the way things should be, and where these conflict with each other within us. The heart is put under a big strain. The Spirit signal helps us look beyond the mental plane of assumptions and find new ways to understand the situations we face.

Back of the Heart: When the heart gets overloaded or receives conflicting information, tension builds up in the back. It has been said that “we push stuff we don’t want to see from the heart to the back”. From the standpoint of cognitive processing, it is build-up of cognitive material and information conflicts in the neural plexi in the back, particularly along the spine, that are the principal source of pain and tension. Placing the transducer on these areas will help to drain out the excess cognitive material and restore more normal function of the nervous plexi. Sweeping is also valuable here. However, to resolve the conflict, the heart center remains the most effective location for Infratonic Therapy.

An interesting note: where the upper back near the neck tightens up, it indicates a conflict is may be raging in the nerves between the heart and throat, indicating, possibly, that you’re not speaking what’s in your heart. When the tension is in the mid back, it may be that your instinctual mind, focused in the solar plexus, wants something that the heart knows is wrong. In either case, neural communication between the heart and another cognitive center is jammed.

Solar Plexus: The solar plexus is a nerve plexus which, when stimulated with Infratonic Therapy, brings the instinctual brain, the mass of nerves in the lower abdomen, particularly the intestines, into coordination. When we get hit by a challenge which threatens our belief system regarding our security, like a threat or a letter from the IRS, the solar plexus jams up. If faced with chronic conflict of this sort, we may suffer from indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, or chronic fatigue. Treating the solar plexus followed by the Heart Center helps bring order and calmness to the nervous system.

Sacrum: The sacrum can serve as a drainage point for cognitive material stored in the lower abdomen and thus is a central point to activate release of tension and trauma in the low back, hips and coccyx. It also serves another very important function. It evokes stored fears. It is the gateway to release the fear and trauma which is frequently stored in the abdomen and legs. Thus, we can evoke fears at the sacrum, and resolve those fears at the heart center, thereby resolving a significant amount of fear based discomfort and disability related to chronic pain, hypertension, poor circulation, and impeded healing. Treating this point can evoke old fears and uncomfortable feelings in the area of the heart, and even physical discomfort, so it is best to treat this point for a few minutes followed by the heart, thus activating, then processing old stored fear-based cognitive material. Treating sacrum then heart is the most important of all Infratonic Therapy protocols.
Crown/Pineal: The crown is the gateway to intuition. When it is open we find ways out of difficult situations more easily, depression lifts, and optimism begins to dominate our lives. The pineal is the endocrine gland associated with this center, and is stimulated by application of the Infratonic. For physical debris in the brain like heavy metals, blood stasis and cell damage from stroke and the like, the body signal is excellent. For calming our fears, the mind signal is best, but the most interesting use is Spirit, to open us to find new solutions to intellectual dilemmas. It is fascinating to discover that the intellect, while a powerful tool to guide us through the pitfalls of an emotionally driven life, the intellect can become a trap in itself. So often we have what we regard as a hopeless situation, and while telling a friend about it, we suddenly see a better answer, a new way which combines the best of both worlds. This answer does not come from intellectual analysis, but rather, a sudden leap in logic. When the crown is open, this is easy. When it is closed, it is hopeless. To a significant extent, depression is a closed crown.

For depression, if you feel a thick, heavy, and slow moving head, spend lots of time on the head. More often, the block is in the rest of the body, and particularly the legs and feet, as we don’t let go of old cognitive material. We need to let go of insistence on our old answers to be open to new answers. From the cognitive processing perspective, this is literally true. Start with the legs and feet and clear out the old, then work on the crown to be open to the new.

Bottom of Feet: A principal flow of inspiration flows in the crown of the head, down the body and out the feet. The bottom of the foot including the arch and the bottoms of the toes, is the principal cognitive drainage area for the entire body. This flow is frequently blocked with cognitive debris which builds up in the hips, legs, and feet. Applying the body signal to the bottom of the foot allows the signal to travel up the leg, breaking up much of this material and allowing it to flow out the feet. It is often effective to follow this treatment with sweeping, to help the material to flow more easily after the legs and feet are more open.

If the leg is especially plugged and does not clear from treating the bottoms of the feet and sweeping, you may also want to try the inside of the leg just above the knee. This opens up the knee and stimulates blood production. Another point which is valuable to get stuff moving is on the inside of the ankle just behind the shin bone and about three inches up from the ankle bone. It is often tender here. This point opens the ankle and is also a cognitive drainage point for the liver, kidney, and spleen.

For edema and inflammation in the legs, the Mind signal is more effective than the Body signal, and the bottom of the foot is an excellent place to treat the entire leg. This includes increasing lymph flow to decrease edema, and stimulating nerve and blood flow to accelerate recovery. Ten minutes on the bottom of each foot can make a huge difference toward pain relief and recovery.
Brow/Pituitary: Stimulating the frontal lobe of the brain and the pituitary through the forehead brings the body to attention. The frontal lobe is central to coordinating all aspects of our lives, and brings the body into focus to support us in our lives. Apply Spirit on the forehead for 3 minutes or so. This is valuable wherever focused intention is important for healing.

Top of Cervical Spine: The drainage point for the brow is the top of the cervical spine, providing drainage for the entire visual system, particularly the frontal lobe and eyes, but also the entire brain. A few minutes at the top of the spine will clear out the cobwebs and allow crisper focus of the mind.

Cognitive Storage Areas:

Liver: Anger is often stored in the liver. This anger can show up as inflammation throughout the body. Treating the front, side, or back of the liver with the mind signal can help to break this up. It is often desirable to also treat the heart to help process the anger released.

Spleen & Pancreas: These digestive and endocrine glands are closely associated with both sugar metabolism and the cognitive material of betrayal. Treating this area will assist in relieving the symptoms of diabetic disabilities.

Lower Left Abdomen — Grief Depot: Lots of emotional material gets stored in the lower abdomen. This area is most effective to aid in resolving issues of grief.

Lower Right Abdomen — Rage Depot: This area is the main storehouse for old rage, whether from childhood, society, or genetics. Treat this area to relieve chronic inflammation of the pelvic floor including the prostate and bladder.