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The Fear Protocol:

Fear: The principal stuff we need to release from our bodies is fear. This is true for health and healing just as it is true for feeling good about ourselves and moving forward in our lives. Fear makes us very uncomfortable, but as we face it our lives quickly simplify and we find we can make needed choices which we were afraid to make. Our fears are things we do not want to face because of the emotional or physical pain we start to feel when we approach them. Once we face them, they generally vanish and we can move forward in life. Our deepest fears are stored deep in our pelvic area, and are most easily reached by applying the Infratonic to the sacrum.

Emotional fears are best evoked using the Mind setting while tribal, genetic, or survival fears are best evoked using the Body setting.




How It Works






The Fear Protocol: Because applying the Infratonic to the sacrum frequently evokes old emotions of fear, it is best to alternate treatment of sacrum with treatment of heart. Sacrum will bring up our old buried fears (as they are stored cellularly). We will probably not experience those childhood experiences which created the fears, just the emotional discomfort that was recorded in the cells. We may experience an increase in anxiety as this stuff comes up and forward to the area of the heart. When we do, it is time to move the transducer to the Heart Center to process this fear material, and integrate it into our entire body consciousness. Then we will experience relaxation again. This process of evoking stored experiential material is effective, whether as a shock induced by physical injury, emotional trauma, or mental overload.

Fears are so dominant in our lives, and so closely integrated with chronic illness, premature aging, and impeded healing that the fear protocol is extremely powerful in enhancing all aspects of our lives. Apply the Mind signal for 10 minutes on sacrum (or until you start to feel anxiety) then the Spirit signal for 20 minutes on Heart. Repeat this protocol daily for two weeks, and see if your life doesn’t change. Where the material stored in the sacrum is very deep, genetic, or ancestral, you can dredge more deeply by using the body instead of the mind setting on the sacrum. Similarly, where the anxiety you feel in your chest does not have any conscious content, use the mind, instead of the spirit setting on Heart Center.

AL Newport Beach, CA PAC & PVC heart condition & arthritic left hip. Treat 20 minutes, 8 times daily in each location. Able to delay hip replacement and be ambulatory and pain reduction for hip. Less contractions of heart, thus less arrhythmia. Able to be more mobile and have increased energy.

JM Arvada, CO Swollen Left clavicle, extreme pain, limited movement of shoulder girdle, heart palpitations. 7-year duration. Went to Osteopath, MD, DOM, 5 different chiropractors, 3 masseuses, 3 energy workers with no relief. QGM, 2 times at night during sleep for 20 minutes, for 1-1/2 months (time of results). Clavicular/Manubrium swelling down (most ever). Pain almost completely gone. Range of motion 85% restored - wow! Heart palpitations stopped. Sleeping well. While we are frequently quite aware of anxiety, sometimes chronic fear causes tension in parts of our bodies which we are not even aware of. Some users report that Infratonic Therapy reduces the hypertension of the circulatory system.

GV Bosque Farms, NM Had been having high blood pressure readings and had been told to keep records and get my own machine to take my own blood pressure. One morning before getting up I took my blood pressure and it was a bit high. I placed the Infratonic over my heart for about 20 minutes and retook my blood pressure and it had dropped 29 points to bring it into an okay level. Blood pressure tests since have continued to be in normal range but I also continue to use the machine several times a week in the same area. I am sleeping better and have more energy and feel better.

EP Park Rapids, M Hypertension of long duration (20 years or more). Due to “white coat syndrome” and higher bp reading, my blood pressure is monitored at home. Example: 175/95 at Dr’s office and 159/88 at home. 10 days before seeing a new doctor I ran out of my bp medicine. I began using the Infratonic 8. I used it every day for 20 minutes on sacrum, 10 to 20 minutes on heart (M). At doctor’s office, I expected to have the usual high reading. For the first time for as long as I can remember the reading was very close to normal at 151/84. At home I had unbelievable readings of 127/72. I feel calmer and less fatigued. The Infratonic 8 shows it could keep my bp under better control with less bp medications along with decreasing my risk of another heart attack.

Since we all carry hidden fears in our bodies and unresolved issues in our lives, the sacrum/heart protocol is a spectacular way to simplify our lives and often, improve our physical health at the same time. This is an incredibly powerful, life transforming protocol, and is the most important protocol in this book!