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Hospital Recovery Protocols:

1) ANXIETY – It is well known in hospital emergency rooms that the single factor that most affects the likelihood of survival is nervous anxiety. The shock from traumatic injury and fear of death can be debilitating as the cells of the body madly try to cope with overwhelming circumstances, exhausting the body’s resources. If anxiety can be reduced, probability of survival can be dramatically increased. Whiplash: Erasing the Trauma

This kind of anxiety is not like a mental thought that remains confined to the brain, it is an unstoppable fear that sweeps through and dominates every cell of the body. Infratonic therapy infuses the cells of the body with Chaotic Alpha, attenuating this programming and reducing anxiety on a cellular level. Slow sweeping of the entire body from head to toe is often the most effective here because every cell of the body is gently stimulated. A small relaxation of anxiety in every cell provides a global relaxation and a substantial increase in the available vital resources otherwise consumed by anxiety. Caring for the Acute Patient




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2) PAIN – Pain is often the driving force in medicine. Without pain, abnormalities are generally overlooked or ignored. Pain is what motivates the patient to come to the hospital or the doctor’s office for treatment and the reduction in pain is considered the singularly most important factor in improved quality of life. There is no doubt that Infratonic therapy reduces almost every kind of pain.

Pain is a signpost of abnormal cellular activity. Infratonic therapy reduces pain by attenuating abnormal behavior whereas other forms of therapy block nerve transmission that leaves the abnormal activity intact. The Chaotic Alpha signal that is the basis of Infratonic therapy breaks that pattern and allows the brain to focus on healing the injured cells.

3) EDEMA – Swelling and edema are a cellular response to “clutter”, an attempt to flush the intercellular space with fluid. The biggest problem is that the lymph system sometimes does not cooperate. If the cells supporting the lymph system don’t “wake up” and spring into action, the tissue swells needlessly and the attempt to cleanse through flushing becomes counterproductive.

Like pain, edema is very common whenever the patient is sedentary and undergoes interventions that slow the body down. The Infratonic is very effective at activating the lymphatic system and can bring edema down very quickly.

Apply to the bottoms of the feet and sites of lymph flow blockage. Sweep along the pathway of lymph flow. Often, simply resting the foot on the transducer or positioning the transducer a few inches away from the bottom of the feet is sufficient to get fluids moving again.

4) TISSUE HEALING – An aspect that is of great importance to the recovery of most patients in the hospital environment is tissue healing, not just the skin from cuts, scrapes or bedsores and incisions, but also internally, with minimal scar tissue or adhesions and maximum nerve recovery and the use of Infratonic therapy has been shown to be very valuable in this area.

ADHESIONS – Adhesions are temporary repair structures in the connective tissue that occur when the body does not mobilize the resources necessary for complete healing. They are a stopgap measure, to conserve vital resources for more immediate needs. The massage waves of the Infratonic penetrate deep into the body and soften adhesions so they can reform into more normal tissue. Deep Relaxation And Dissolved Adhesions

BRUISING – Bruising is a sign that waste products from injury and metabolic processes are not being eliminated by the lymph system. As with edema, the key is to activate the lymph system by applying the Infratonic signal to the immediate area and all along the lymphatic pathway. It is often most effective to apply the Body signal directly to the bruise and to sweep the lymph pathway with the Mind setting.

SCAR TISSUE – Melting scar tissue is one of the more remarkable aspects of Infratonic therapy. Select a good hardened, raised, discolored or inflamed scar. It can be new or years old. Apply the Mind signal for 10 minutes directly to the scar and watch what happens. You will probably see (and feel) it soften and the discoloration and inflammation fade away.

While this particular application may be useful for beauty, comfort and avoiding re-injury, it powerfully demonstrates the hospital recovery application that facilitates the formation of normal tissues during wound healing. By applying the Infratonic during wound healing, you will probably not see unsightly, inflamed or painful scar tissue in the treated wound. Erasing Trauma in Heart Surgery

5) NERVE RECOVERY – Where nerves are severed, there is little that can be done, but where they are crushed, pinched or shocked mechanically or chemically, Infratonic therapy is often valuable in accelerating the recovery process.

Where nerve cells are damaged, apply the Body setting directly to the point of injury and where the cells are shocked, and thus responding abnormally, apply the Mind signal to the site of injury and the surrounding tissue. Apply the Mind setting to the brainstem and the extremities, either the palms or bottoms of feet, and sweep along nerve pathway.

6) PERIPHERAL CIRCULATION – Excessive bed rest, response to anesthesia or other drugs, dietary influences, chronic debility or emotional trauma can interfere with peripheral circulation. In extreme cases, which unfortunately are common, poor circulation can cause peripheral wounds not to heal and to grow bigger and bigger, into dicubitous ulcers or bedsores.

Infratonic users have reported many remarkable recoveries here. It is most effective to apply the Mind setting to the bottoms of the feet and to sweep (along the area) from the heart to the toes. Success has also been reported when supporting the transducer a few inches away from the sore or the bottom of the foot. Leg Circulation

7) RECOVERING FROM DRUGS: While there is no question that modern drugs allow surgical interventions never before possible, these miracle technologies can often knock the vitality out of the patient, requiring prolonged recovery.

Antibiotics – While antibiotics are not as devastating as other hospital therapies (such as cancer therapies), they generally weaken the body and the immune system. Infratonic therapy is the perfect integrative support for use with antibiotics to stimulate the body’s cells and immune system to come “alive” and finish the job that the antibiotics start, even if the attacking organism mutates. Apply the Infratonic signal principally to the area of the thymus.

Anesthesia / Pulmonary Infection – Anesthesia, opiates and exhaustion combine with the lack of physical activity (bed rest) to shut down bodily systems including pulmonary, digestive, and circulatory and lymph flow with problems of congestion and infection. The simple act of applying the Mind setting to the thymus, upper center of chest, for a few 10-minute treatments is highly effective at reactivating the lungs and entire body, although sweeping is also valuable.

Digestion – Anesthesia also shuts down the digestive system. Applying the Mind setting to the lower abdomen throws off the shock and gets cells moving again. It also accelerates recovery of any surgical wounds in the lower abdomen. It is so gentle that it can be applied directly over the bandaged wound. (Note: There may be an initial increase in pain, so approach surgical incisions slowly at first.) Surgical Recovery