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Caring for the Acute Patient in a Chiropractic Environment:

The importance of communication, reassurance and compassion when encountering a new patient with severe injury in your office cannot be underemphasized. Existing patients have already established a trusting relationship with your office and have come to you as their first line of care, many times instead of the urgent care or E.R., but dealing with the new patient’s emotional uncertainty about both their injury and a new doctor must be a part of the treatment.

The initial assessment examination should be performed in a position of comfort for the patient and using the Infratonic machine can be beneficial in calming and easing their acute symptoms.




How It Works






Protocol — Following consultation, examination and providing a position of comfort for the treatment, the Infratonic is placed directly on or near the area of pain; the setting is Mind (for the Infratonic 8), Signal 1 (for the Infrasound 8) or Medium Power (for the QGM’s) for 10 minutes. The patient is checked every few minutes to check on their needs and comfort and asking them to rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, where the pain level is. If, after 10 minutes, there is a decrease in pain, continue for another 10 minutes.

If there is no change in the pain level within the first 10 minutes, the wand is moved in a sweeping motion from the top of the head to the feet and back to the area of pain, where it is placed for five minutes with a re-evaluation of the pain status afterward.

You will note that there is a calming after the treatment; allowing the chiropractic adjustment and attendant therapies to be better tolerated by the acute patient.

Questioning the patient regarding pain may be difficult since many do not perceive the gradation, only pain and absence of it. But you can observe the demeanor, respirations and body tension to do a more objective analysis.