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Improved Leg Circulation with the Mind signal.

When we first developed the now patented Mind signal I was excited to send it out to doctors and researchers, but first, I tried one on a swollen bruise that had been bothering me for a week. After a single 20 minute treatment, the stiffness and swelling were noticeably down, and by the next morning they were all but gone.

I verified the effectiveness this Infratonic Therapy when a friend’s 87 year old mother traveled 3000 miles by bus to visit. On arrival her leg was bluish black, very swollen, and painful. An emergency hospital visit revealed several blood clots: a bad case of phlebitis. The doctors told her that she should not travel again for several weeks.




How It Works






Ten days later, when I went to visit and learned of the problem, she had not improved. She was in constant pain and could only sleep with the aid of a strong pain medication. Another doctor visit confirmed that her progress had been minimal and that she still should not travel.

I set up an Infratonic to treat the bottom of her foot, and within 10 minutes the pain was mostly gone. After two hours of treatment, she was walking around, and that night she walked upstairs for the first time in several days. And she slept through the entire night without waking to take pain pills. Within 24 hours, her swelling was gone.

After four days of treatment with the Mind signal, she returned to the doctor who noted so much improvement in blood flow, skin coloration, and pain reduction that she was allowed to travel. She got on the bus for home and is doing well. -- Richard H. Lee, CHI Institute