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Surgical Recovery
By Richard H. Lee

***Not long ago, Marie, our office manager had emergency abdominal surgery to remove a knotted section of intestine. I was due to leave for India a few days later, and considered canceling my trip.

***Four days after her surgery I visited her and saw a sad and awful sight. Not only was she in pain and depressed, but she had several tubes in her including a stomach tube through her nose. For the previous week she had received no nourishment beyond an I.V. drip, and the doctor expected her to be in the hospital for another week!

***She told me that the hospital would not allow outside equipment, but it hardly seemed fair for the Office Manager of CHI Institute to be miserable in a hospital room recovering from surgery without the help of the Infratonic 4.0. So I went back to the office and returned that dark night with an Infratonic and quietly plugged it into an inconspicuous corner of her hospital room.

***She could use the Infratonic for just a few minutes at a time because the nerve facilitation to the brain increased her pain. Nonetheless, she had improved so fast that, by the next morning when I visited, all her tubes except the IV were removed and she was up and walking around. She looked and felt pretty good.

***At noon on the following morning, less than 40 hours after starting to use the Infratonic, she was discharged from the hospital, several days ahead of schedule. That same day, I hopped on the plane to India relieved that CHI was again in good hands.




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