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Whiplash: Erasing the Trauma
By Cindy Rausch

“The policeman estimated the guy who hit me was doing 55 miles an hour...





How It Works





*Crash sends two to hospital
***Police officers and sheriff's deputies look over a vehicle damaged in a two-car collision on Scottslawn Road Tuesday at 2:07 p.m. A sport utility vehicle driven by Cynthia Rausch, 47, 18070 Raymond Road; was stopped in the southbound lane, attempting to make a left turn, when another southbound car, driven by David Hull, 21, 14651 Smart Cole Road, struck it in the rear. Hull and Rausch were transported to Memorial Hospital of Union County. No condition reports were available today. Hull was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead.

***“The impact totaled my Chevy Tahoe, and broke my seat clean off its mountings. Once they got my door open, the paramedics strapped me to a backboard and rushed me to the hospital. I was already bruised and in severe pain, but the doctor said, “I’m afraid you will get worse over the next 72 hours,” and sent me home with pain killers and muscle relaxers. I took the muscle relaxers but chose Tylenol instead of the pain killers, so every bump on the ride home shot pain through me. It was such a relief to relax in my recliner with the Infratonic. I spent about an hour with the Infratonic mostly directly over points of pain and bruising on my neck. After that, I gave myself a 15 minute treatment every half hour until I fell asleep in the recliner at 2 AM.

***I awoke at dawn fearing that any wrong movement would cause excruciating pain like the night before. I moved gingerly but felt no pain. I was astounded. I felt my neck and found that it was still quite sore with light pressure. Despite my doctor’s prediction, my pain and stiffness had vanished, and never came back. Only the bruised soreness on pressure remained. I stayed home from work that day, treated myself with about six 15 minute treatments and continued muscle relaxants and Tylenol

***The second day I felt fine so I went to work. That night I gave myself two more 15 minute Infratonic treatments. The third day I went to the doctor and told him I intended to put up wall paper that evening. He responded, “No you’re not!” then hesitated, “Not until I check you out.” He put me through his range of motion tests and found that, except for the heavy bruising, I was almost normal. He was amazed. He simply couldn’t understand how I could be getting better so fast.

***The Infratonic made what could have been a life-long ordeal into a few days of inconvenience.