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Basics of the Neuropathy Treatment Protocol

The expanded neuropathy protocol is presented here for clarity in two 30 minute parts each involving treatment of three points for 10 minutes each, followed by sweeping.

Users of the Infratonic 4.3 or earlier units may select any signal strength setting, as only the Chaotic Alpha Signal is available.




How It Works





Part 1 facilitates the nervous system and promotes circulation. The brainstem is treated by placing the transducer at the occiput (#1) as shown, to facilitate alpha activity throughout the nervous system and to promote deep relaxation throughout the body. Then the bottoms of the feet (#2-3) are treated to increase blood circulation and facilitate renewed alpha activity in the nerves affected by neuropathy.

Part 1 is completed with one minute of sweeping (#4), passing the transducer about an inch from the front of the body, to promote alpha activity along the nerve and blood pathways to the feet.
Part 2 is a Cognitive Processing protocol designed to dredge old traumatic experiences and cognitive sludge from key areas in the body to promote optimism and accelerated healing. First, the sacrum, just below the lumbar vertebra (#5), is treated to improve blood flow and nerve transmission through the trunk and to evoke hidden fears and unconscious familial patterning which frequently “keep us from walking forward” in life. Second, the pancreas, at the base of the ribcage 3 to 4 inches to the left of the front midline of the body (#6), is treated to free us from the hold of old experiences of false sympathy or betrayal which so often create disorder in the digestive system and sugar metabolism. Third, the thymus (#7), catalyzes the Cognitive Processing of the heart center to help resolve any cognitive issues which were evoked and to bring the entire body into harmony.

Part 2 is completed with one minute of sweeping (#8) as above, except that, this time, the purpose, and the visualized intent, is to sweep old cognitive sludge out the legs and feet. As this cognitive sludge is swept away, more normal tissue functioning and accelerated healing often result.