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The CHIonizer is a breakthrough in environmental conditioning technology which dramatically improves the comfort of air travel by purifying, normalizing, and energizing the field surrounding the body.

Corona Discharge Air Purification:

Kills many airborne viruses and bacteria, oxidizes many dangerous chemicals, and deodorizes air internally, with a faint, refreshing, ozone fragrance externally.

Magnetic Field Supplementation:

The CHIonizer compensates for abnormally low magnetic fields found in airplanes and steel buildings like shopping malls and office buildings, reducing anxiety and fear characteristic of crowded depleted environments.

Electric Field supplementation:

The CHIonizer surrounds the body with electrical vitalization otherwise removed by crowds in enclosed spaces like airplanes and shopping malls, replenishing the electrical vitality necessary to overcome fatigue, and fuel the nervous system and antibody production.

Why Does Air Travel Exhaust Us?

Many travelers feel exhausted and out-of-sorts after a long plane flight. To a large extent, this is due to depletion of free electrical charges in the body. Kirlian pictures of air travelers show why.

Why is airplane air so low on free ions? First, air conditioning systems strip most of the ions from the recycled air. Second, the remaining ions are consumed as passengers breathe. Since there is no supply of ions they are quickly consumed and the air remains polluted. This leaves essentially no ions to provide vitality to the passengers.

The CHIonizer surrounds the body with ionized air to keep the passenger’s bioelectric vitality strong and makes traveling a pleasure.

Depletion of Magnetic Vitality

Modern jet planes fly at about 30,000 feet, where Earth’s magnetic field is very weak. As magnetic energy in the passenger’s energy field decreases, the electric vitality tends to rise, creating a feeling of rising heat, anxiety, nausea, sweating, headaches, and sometimes rage.

Surrounding passengers with a magnetic field similar to that present at ground level prevents this depletion. To see this effect, find someone who is suffering from airplane anxiety and let them wear the CHIonizer. Within ten minutes, they will probably feel considerably relieved. However, you may have trouble getting your CHIonizer back!