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Q: Can the CHIonizer help with mold and cigarette smoke in hotel rooms?
A: One wonderful bonus of the CHIonizer is that, if your hotel smells with odors such mold and cigarette smoke, you can leave the CHIonizer running in the room to knock out the odors. Come back to the room after 20 minutes and you will find that the odor has disappeared or substantially diminished.

Q: Is the CHIonizer good for dust and animal allergies?
A: Many people have reported that the CHIonizer substantially reduces their allergic reactions when they wear it. In particular, some with cat hair allergies have reported that they can even pet cats without allergic reaction when they are wearing it.

Q: Will the CHIonizer help me with crowds?
A: Some people are more sensitive to crowds than others. The CHIonizer was specifically designed with crowd sensitive people in mind. The ionization process strengthens our electrical field, and the magnet on the back of the neck is strategically sized and placed to cause the body to pull in the body’s magnetic, emotional field. When our fields are strong and held close to our bodies we aren’t nearly so succeptible to absorbing irritation and depression from other people’s electro-magnetic fields. In addition to protecting us from crowds on airplanes, it is great for crowd sensitive people in department stores, waiting rooms, bars, coffee shops, movie theaters, amusement parks, etc.

Q: Is the CHIonizer a negative ion generator?
A: No While it does produce a strong flow of negative ions internally, killing bacteria within the unit itself, the air stream it produces contains ionized air molecules, both positive and negative in equal proportion. Ionized air molecules can be air molecules with a positive or negative charge, or high energy molecules like nitric oxide and ozone. Rather than carrying a net negative charge, this air is highly energized, and of a neutral charge.

Q: How much ozone does the CHIonizer produce?
A: The CHIonizer produces less than .028 ppm of ozone.

Q: What is the ion density of the air produced by the CHIonizer?
A: The ion density is greater than 1.5 million ions/cc.

Q: How is the new CHIonizer improved over the old CHIonizer? 
A: The new CHIonizer (introduced in 2005) is much smaller (less than half the size) and lighter, puts out more ionized air, and runs longer on a battery as compared to the old CHIonizer.

Q: Can I use rechargeable batteries with the CHIonizer?
A: Yes. You can use a rechargeable Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. If you use the CHIonizer a lot, this is a good investment because two rechargeable batteries come with a recharger that can be plugged into, and automatically adjusts to, any electrical power in the world.