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1. Slide neck cord through magnet. Position magnet on back of neck as shown on drawing. Be sure that side of magnet which says “this side toward neck” faces neck.

2. Snap neck cord onto clip on CHIonizer. Place cord around neck with gold vent on chest facing upward about 6 to 8 inches from nose.

1. Turn unit on by sliding the switch located on the side upward. You will see a blinking orange light and feel a cool breeze as the ionic discharge begins.

4. If operating in polluted area and you hear a hissing sound, blow gently into top of grill to dislodge dust build-up. For heavy pollution, bend head forward to draw more ionized air.

5. Do not allow fluids to enter unit or open to attempt repair. Limited outdoor effectiveness.

6. To access battery slide battery door downward. Replace with new CR123A Lithium battery.

NOTE: Not for use by the infirmed elderly, children under 4 years old, or pacemaker patients without advice from a medical professional.