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For 10 years I have been flying coast to coast annually to visit my son, and usually became sick a few days after arrival. Searching for an answer, I skeptically tried the CHIonizer. I didn’t get sick in Seattle, or back home! I wasn’t convinced.

On my next trip, to Europe, my sister and I wore CHIonizers. We were both healthy throughout the trip! Without the protection of the CHIonizer, my husband developed a cold and my brother-in-law, a stomach virus.

Last month I took a trip to Florida without the CHIonizer, and developed a stomach virus the day after I returned. Coincidence? I think not. I will never again fly without it. I’ve also started wearing it in hotel rooms. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and most of all, IT WORKS!!

----Denaire McNally, Dunkirk, Maryland

Both my wife and I use the CHIonizer whenever we travel: car, plane, and train. It helps clean the air I breathe; especially in airplanes. It helps my wife with motion sickness while driving on mountain roads, and it helps me rest more comfortably when using public transporation.

----Robert V. Gerard, Ph.D., Coarsegold, CA