Key Core Concepts of CHI Institute

Vibration on Substance: Our Bodies are physical structures (substance) that vibrates in a very wide variety of ways, expressing a myriad of conscious and not so conscious expressions. We grow through building up structure upon which we can rely. However, this structure often inhibits us. Flexibility is key to moving forward. Chaos allows (forces) us to shake up our structures so that we can let go of what no longer serves us and, according to the principles of chaos, reorganize into a simpler yet higher state of organization. More

Three Vital Fields: (Ether) illustration From the front page of the noise in the Nervous system newsletter. A major part of the work of CHI Institute is to quantify these fields, to develop tools to measure and describe these fields. The Human Vitality Expo at the Plethoria Dome in San Clemente will present these tools to the courageous explorer. More

Vibration is Substance: Vibration of these three vital fields is structure. Just as a concert can be built from a blending of notes and a painting can be created from a blending of colors the human body is built from a blending of atoms, which are also vibration al patterns. Vibration is our essence. It is what creates our bodies and what remains of us after our physical bodies die. Thus, what we have is a series of vibratory patterns which are substance to the next highest level of vibration.

Chaos is Freedom: Chaos is our pathway to Growth through letting go of structure: Chaos allows one structure to reorganize into a higher structure, whether the structure is physical or vibrational. Chaos works by increasing the vibrational energy of a system and by shaking up old rigid structures, making room for growth and healing. More

Calmness is Healing: Anxiety disrupts our emotional lives, just as agitation disrupts our comfort. All kinds of noise within our bodies interferes with healing and reduces our quality of life. The opposite is calmness. Meditation, biofeedback, massage, a walk in the forest, progressive relaxation, and tranquil music all function to reduce the noise and increase the calmness within us. When the noise is gone, the calmness increases quality of life and the harmonious cells go to work accelerating healing. More