Key Core Concepts > Three Vital Fields

The driving hypothesis behind CHI Institute is that the human body is surrounded by three vital fields. While most perspectives view body-mind-spirit as an elusive concept, the CHI assumption is that there are three fields of actual measurable substance through which we experience the world and within which our cognitive processes occur. This is derived from the Taoist concept of three vital fluids, Jing, Qi, and Shen, and is reflected other traditional wisdom .

Our physical bodies are held together with electrostatic forces. The activity of our nervous system, muscles and heart is measured by electrostatic waves through EEG, EMG, and EKG. Experiments show that EEG in test subject and healer tend to synchronize, and "copper wall" experiments conducted by Elmer Green show that healers produce voltages as high as 190 volts, 100,000 times greater than EEG voltages. Thus, our first field, a field of electrostatic waves, is our physical field, or the field of body consciousness.

Magnetic waves are measurable around all organs in the body using superconducting magnetometers. The brain produces extremely weak magnetic signals, and the heart produces signals 1000 times as strong, about a millionth the strength of earth's magnetic field. During healing, the hands of capable healers have been measured to produce signals 1000 times as strong as from the heart. Just as the heart is strongly associated with passion and motivation, the magnetic field is our emotional body, our motivational field, or e-motional body. The CHI hypothesis is that the magnetic waves of this body are not electromagnetic waves, but rather, waves of variation in concentration of magnetic substance, which is predicted in quantum mechanics, but has not yet been measured.

The mental body, believed by CHI to be gravitational, is even more elusive than the magnetic emotional body. Just as a magnetic field can shape the activity of an electrical field, a gravitational field can shape the activity of a magnetic field. Again, while gravity waves have been measured and "gravitons", gravity particles, are predicted in modern physics, local gravitational effects associated with the human body have not yet been measured. An important aspect of CHI research is into quantifying a gravitational field surrounding the human body. While research thus far points to the existence of a human gravitational field, particularly above the head, and research into gravitational sensors is ongoing, CHI has not yet made definitive measurements of the human gravitational field.