Key Core Concepts > Calmness is Healing

The opposite of calmness, noise in the body, stalls healing and creates discomfort. In an emergency room, a hysterical patient is far less likely to survive than a calm one with the same injury. This is true of all healing processes, and in fact, calmness is a prime determinant of quality of life.

Graph 1 shows a test subject’s trembling just before starting Infratonic Therapy, with noise across the spectrum.

Graph 2 shows that, after just three minutes of Infratonic Therapy, the noise has decreased and is predominantly in the alpha range.

After two minutes of rest after therapy, Graph 3 shows that the noise has decreased even further, leaving the test subject feeling calm, relaxed, and mentally clear.

Whether from a capable hospital staff or a capable healer, the most common benefit is the ability to bring calmness, or reducing noise. Fear, worry, and irritation can all be viewed as noise in the nervous system, while inflammation, pain and edema might be viewed as noise in the cellular system. And noise affects our resistance to disease, as we are more susceptible to colds and flu when we are stressed (another form of noise).

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