Key Core Concepts > Chaos Therapy®

--Transforming problems with Possibility.

Anything is possible, but not if we hang onto the past. In fact, the harder we try to strengthen our hold on the past, the more it warps into a grotesque monster under the pressure of our grip. Such is the amazing evolution of chaos.

The human body is shaped by invisible forces, most importantly, the genetic-etheric blueprint. This energetic/informational plan stands behind the physical world and gently guides our broken bones and lacerated tissues back to health. This acts as a “strange attraactor” of chaos theory, bringing an order of physical health and wholeness out of the chaos of injury and illness.

The elusive but ubiquitous etheric blueprint is not the only force acting.
60 Hz power, cell phones, stress, unfulfilled desires, social imperatives, and junk food are extremely powerful forces that work continuously to muck up the work of the etheric blueprint.

We have all had pains and disorders that appear out of nowhere and vanish just as quickly. If they stuck around, we might call them chronic illness.
Even when they come and go within a day, we judge them as “bad.” It’s not
that simple.

Strange attractors work in elusive ways, often bringing us to a higher state of order, but with a few aspects that defy completing that state of order, much as an out-of-tune instrument prevents the orchestra from coming into harmony. When a strange attractor is working to bring health, we might have a sudden release of aluminum from the brain, the shattering of a long standing, but dysfunctional relationship, or the emergence of a Hitler to release long standing social injustice by fighting and losing a war. During healing, we can expect disharmonious aspects of unexpected to be rejected from the body, through the skin, sinuses, eliminative organs, or through our interpersonal relationships or tastes.

Many alternative practitioners, most notably classical homeopaths, believe that “palliative” therapies, those that relieve symptoms and not causes, frequently cause acute problems to become chronic by thwarting or confusing the activity of the organizing field in its effort to bring the person to a higher order of development. By hiding a symptom through long-term drug therapy, or inhibiting an elimination necessary for a transformation, we can thwart our body’s effort to throw off the underlying pattern and it becomes even more crystallized, externalizing as a chronic disease, that can apparently call for yet more palliative pharmaceuticals.

Chaos Therapy is all about working with the body’s organizing field, acknowledging we don’t understand it’s plan, yet working to break up long-standing cyclic patterns, freeing up energy and structure for whatever possibilities emerge in our future.