Key Core Concepts > Vibration on Substance

Everything is energy, as Albert Einstein so succinctly put it with the formula E=MC2. Enlightened souls frequently say, “Everything is energy, so why sweat the details?”

While some of us may have transcended earthly problems and merged with the point where all is one and life is eternal with perfect health, those who are left behind remain firmly attached to our physical bodies, and frequently suffer from such vibrational phenomena as colds & flu, inflammation, pain, fear, worry, irritation, and interpersonal conflict.

Every one of our experiences, emotions, pains, and interactions can be characterized by vibration on substance, and will eventually be correlated to frequency of vibration.

The spoken word starts with vibration of the brain and nervous system, merges to vibration of the throat, is propagated by vibration of air, and is received by vibration of bones and auditory nerves.

We characterize vibration in many ways, as frequency, phase angle, wave form, harmonics, spectral distribution, wavelet analysis, fractals, and a host of ways that are yet to be discovered. Vibration is the basis, or source, of activity. Vibration would not be measurable unless something, some substance was measurable. Thus, vibration, in whatever form, must vibrate on a substance.