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Bone Chip

Date: N/A

Name of Horse: Bailey

Age of Horse: 9 years

Breed of Horse: N/A

Sex of Horse: Stallion

Injury or Condition: A bone chip just below the left knee.

Treatment: I was ready to have the surgery on the leg when I started the treatments with the Equitonic.

Outcome: The leg was scanned a month later and the vet felt that the surgery wasn’t needed at that time. That was two years ago and he hasn’t had an off day since. I’ve had people call it Voo Doo and chuckle under their breath. Yet, my horses are fit and happy. The people who have the most to say about my methods have 3 horses off and vet bills climbing. I’ve turned around 2 at the barn and the office and they now have their own machines. They watched and saw what it did for me and my babies. Thank you. You have contributed to my well being. My horses appreciate you too.

Name of Attending Vet or Therapist: Su Bacon

Location: Monrovia, CA


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