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Coffin Joint Injury

Date: 10/02

Name of Horse: N/A

Age of Horse: N/A

Breed of Horse: N/A

Sex of Horse: Mare

Injury or Condition: I originally bought the CHI machine for my horse. She suffered a coffin joint injury and the vet had to do a joint injection. His prognosis was grim as the joint was completely dry upon the needle insertion and what fluid was there was bloody. The needle was placed using x-ray confirmation of placement and the injection was given. The vet felt that I would need to reinject the joint every 3-6 months in order to give the mare a chance at soundness. Devastated, I went home and followed the vet's orders but I added in daily treatments with the CHI machine.

Treatment: I would hold the transducer over the coffin joint for 20 minutes rotating the position around the entire hoof every 5 minutes or so. My mare seemed to be relieved and would stand very still for her treatments. Standing still is NOT one of my mares best qualities! I continued the treatments for 1 month and then as needed if I saw or felt any heat or inflammation. Her lameness gradually became better and better and she is now back to work and in full dressage competition with no further injections since October of 2002!

Outcome: My mare is back to full work and is completely sound. My vet is amazed and very pleased! His last two exams have revealed no swelling or inflammation in the coffin joint area. We have not checked the joint fluid as there is no need to invade the joint just to check. It is obvious, however, that the joint is functioning properly based on the mares work and joy of working! She is in no pain at all! I have also used the CHI machine on her in other areas when there has been a muscle strain or soreness due to new work. All have met with success and with the mares approval during treatment! Her eyes close and she completely relaxes and stands very still.

Name of Attending Vet or Therapist: Elaine O'Brien

Location: Norco, CA


*Note: The previous letters are opinions expressed by our customers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of CHI Institute.