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Date: N/A

Name of Horse: N/A

Age of Horse: 3 years

Breed of Horse: N/A

Sex of Horse: N/A

Injury or Condition: Lameness and muscle problems.

Treatment: I have used it the Equitonic extensively for my horses for their muscle tightness and inflammation in their feet from the chronic laminitis.

Outcome: It has been heaven sent as now I can help them relieve their pain. I’ve treated other friends’ horses with good results. I feel I couldn’t be without the Equitonic as it serves me in many ways.

Name of Attending Vet or Therapist: Norma Weyers

Location: Pella, IA

Date: June 2001

Name of Horse: N/A

Age of Horse: 3 years

Breed of Horse: Throughbred

Sex of Horse: Filly

Injury or Condition: Hindlimb lameness, behaviorally difficult to work with in the stall - aggressive, dull skin coat. Filly in race training.

Treatment: Infratonic machine set on High, Treated the following acupuncture points - KI27, Bl5, Bl22, St36, Bai Hui and CV 12. Each point was treated for 3-5 minutes, and the horse was treated four days in a row.

Outcome: During the first treatment the filly had to be held and would not tolerate the transducer on her body so it was held 1"-4" away from the treatment points. By the last day of treatment the filly's attitude changed dramatically, she was calmer and more gentle, was not trying to remove people from her stall. Also by the last treatment she would tolerate the transducer on her (except CV12). The regular rider reported that the hindend lameness was improved.

Name of Attending Vet or Therapist: Dianne Volz and Chris Macri, Equine Therapists

Location: Belmont Race Track


*Note: The previous letters are opinions expressed by our customers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of CHI Institute.