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Digital Tendon Sheath

Date: N/A

Name of Horse: N/A

Age of Horse: N/A

Breed of Horse: N/A

Sex of Horse: Stallion

Injury or Condition: Badly torn digital tendon sheath on my thoroughbred. Horse on three legs the day after running around paddock in the mud. Ultrasound revealed severe tearing of the digital sheath, but tendon core intact. This occurred in February. Was on stall rest for two weeks and given bute in AM and banamine in PM. Also given Adequan IM injections every four days for 1 month. Banamine given once a day up until this month.

Treatment: The Infratonic 8 treatments were started this month on a daily basis using the Mind (alpha waves) for 10 minutes, followed by Body (alpha/delta waves) for 10 minutes and back to Mind for 10 minutes. The pain level has decreased so significantly that the anti-inflammatory medications have been stopped and he is now either being hand-walked for 45 minutes or turned out in a small paddock.

Outcome: He is moving around the stall without hopping and is walking sound. The swelling in the leg is also significantly improved and he is now resting the good leg as much as the injured leg. I am going to continue daily treatments until he is re-scanned in another couple of months. My horse is happy, walking normally, rolling and getting up without struggling and off the anti-inflammatory medications.

Name of Attending Vet or Therapist: Sherryl Friedman

Location: Surfside, FL


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