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Tensor Fascia Latae

Date: 4/21/04

Name of Horse: N/A

Age of Horse: N/A

Breed of Horse: N/A

Sex of Horse: Filly

Injury or Condition: One of my equine patients was severely sore in her tensor fasica latae, as well as other muscles and tendons between her hip and stifle. This racing filly was so sore she couldn't even be touched.

Treatment: I have been applying the CHI Infrasound now for 2 weeks (10 minutes each side, twice per week).

Outcome: She enjoys her treatments, walks nicely, and her exercise rider can tell a great improvement in her workouts and way of going.

Name of Attending Vet or Therapist: Dana McMasters-Edelen, Equine Therapist

Location: N/A


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