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Date: N/A

Name of Horse: N/A

Age of Horse: 3 years

Breed of Horse: Thoroughbred

Sex of Horse: Filly

Injury or Condition: Bad ulcer on epiglottis, which was interfering with her racing ability. She habitually made it worse by displacing it herself out of nervousness.

Treatment: We began using the Equitonic for 10 minutes in the morning. We repeated for another 10 minutes about 10 minutes after the first treatment. This continued for 2 weeks; and sometimes an extra 10-minute treatment was added in the afternoon.

Outcome: The filly was rescoped 14 days later to find we had an 85% improvement. We continued on for another two weeks, morning treatments only. This was a very unusual case as the only known treatment for this condition is drugs and/or surgery. The filly ran and won her next race after this treatment.

Name of Attending Vet or Therapist: Gale Patti

Location: Great Neck, NY


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