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Quote by Dr. Ray E. Derman

"Being an equine chiropractor in the northeast region of the country, I find myself fortunate enough to be able to treat some of the most famous Standardbreds in the country. These horses are put through rigorous training and racing regiments. Therefore, I need to have a number of effective techniques and treatment options at my disposal. After having talked at length with my colleagues throughout the country, I found that they repeatedly mentioned their successes using the CHI machine (Infratonic Therapy from the CHI Institute). Fortunately, I was able to find a used one of about 7 years vintage. So I began performing treatment sessions on one particular horse with chronic lumbo-sacral dysfunction. The results were so significant that the trainer wished to purchase the unit. So, I acquiesced, and sold it to him, figuring that would purchase a newer and better model.

During my Internet quest, I came across a similar unit called the Alphasonic. Upon contacting the company and questioning them about the differences, I was assured that their unit was far superior to any other on the market. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time and needed a unit right away since I was attending a large horse show that weekend. So, without doing the proper research I purchased the unit. Upon receiving the unit and reading all instructions and consulting with their tech support, I immediately began treating canine, equine and human patients with the unit. Much to my dismay, and frustration, my results were minimal to none. I quickly lost confidence in the unit, and stopped using it all together. After the fact, I decided to contact CHI Institute with my dilemma. They gave me the hard scientific facts as to why I was not seeing results and I have now replaced that unit with the CHI Equitonic 3."

Dr. Ray E. Derman
Somerdale, NJ




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