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The Experimental Hippocampus/Adrenal Protocol

for Anxiety (crown/solar plexus):

This protocol involves simply applying the Infratonic 8 or Infrasound 8 on the #1 Body setting to the crown for 20 minutes to stimulate mostly hippocampus and pituitary with a range of brain wave frequencies, and also to treat the entire brain. Then this same setting is applied to solar plexus for 20 minutes to relax tension stimulate kidneys and digestive organs, and most importantly, to stimulate adrenals. The objective of this protocol is to see whether inflammation in the heads of people with anxiety decrease the way inflammation in the hocks of horses was experimentally observed to decrease. While statistical studies have not been performed, many cases were reported where symptoms of stress, anxiety, anger, and depression were relieved, with some relief provided immediately and substantial relief observed in 3 to 6 weeks.

This protocol was proposed based on the theory that chronic stress or reactivity upsets the “Hippocampus, pituitary, adrenal axis” a biochemical cycle that normally regulates the sympathetic nervous system. With chronic adrenaline production (hyper-reactivity) the regulatory function of this “axis” becomes disabled, and nerve cells in the Hippocampus are found to atrophy, and the person slides into a state of chronic nervous hypersensitivity and depression. By applying the Infratonic to these key glands for 20 minutes per day, we relax the tissue and promote regrowth of key structures, particularly new neurons in the hippocampus. The #1 Body signal is selected because, with its delta signal, it is most effective at promoting cellular regrowth.

This expected relaxation and regrowth comes from observations in the hocks of horses. With application of the Infratonic, inflammation in hocks immediately decreases, and over a period of 6 weeks, synovial fluid, and particularly Hyaluronic Acid production increases. Thus it appears that the cellular trauma that formerly caused the synovial lining to produce inflammatory chemicals is dissipated so that instead, this synovial lining produces healthy synovial fluid. Similarly, by stimulating the hippocampus, pituitary, and adrenals, it is hypothesized that cellular trauma is dissipated and cells devote themselves to producing needed neurons and appropriate chemicals.


TWO Suggested Enhancements to the Hippocampus/Adrenal Protocol:

1. For Traumatic Injuries to Left Frontal Cortex, Treat this area instead of Crown

One person reported success applying the Infratonic to the left side of forehead for (fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and mood swings). This is similar to treating crown in that it stimulates the entire brain and still gets the Hippocampus, which is in the center of the head. It probably stimulates the pituitary a little less, but stimulates the left frontal lobe considerably more. Lowered brain frequency and activity in the left frontal is associated with anxiety/depression, so where this activity is low, applying in this way may be more effective to applying to the crown.

This brings up an important point. QEEG brain mapping can show the results of traumatic head injuries that occurred decades earlier, showing less activity in the part of the brain where the head impact occurred. Thus, in some cases it may be valuable to apply the Infratonic where a serious traumatic head injury occurred even if it occurred 20, 40, or 80 years ago, particularly if behavior changes were noticed immediately after that injury. However, since low activity in the left side frontal forehead is the most commonly correlated with depression, this may be a particularly effective point to treat.

We have had one report that the brainwave activity of the left frontal area, as measured by EEG, increased after using the Spirit signal.


2. Treat Heart more and Head less if discomfort is experienced in the head.

A. A report that cited success for relieving mild clinical depression involved treating thyroid, thymus, and heart, and reported results of sleep better more energy, better memory less sad, and mind stopped going in circles. These results are commonly reported for treating heart/thymus.

B. Someone with Chronic Depression and Fibromyalgia treated crown and heart, and reported good results.

C. One person suffering from anxiety/depression who followed the crown/solar plexus protocol found increased headaches after the first week and temporarily changed to crown/heart for two weeks and found relief from the headache, then went back to crown solar plexus, and found increased relief of depression and anxiety similar to other user reports.

D. Another person suffering from headaches and anxiety reported getting an increased headache when applying to the head, and found that by spending more time on the heart/thymus, she got the relief she was seeking, and later, was able to spend more time treating the head. Increased circulation (expanded blood vessels) in the head can cause headaches, and the Infratonic can increase local circulation. Thus, where chronic or repetitive headaches are experienced, applying the Infratonic to the head may temporarily increase the discomfort. Thus, where increased discomfort in the head was experienced, she reduced the amount of time treating the head and spent more time on the heart/thymus, then gradually increased the time of treatment on the head.

Treating the heart/thymus instead of the solar plexus is a valuable substitution to promote cognitive processing where treating the solar plexus may cause too rapid a release of stored cognitive materials.

Substituting the Heart/thymus for solar plexus where there is discomfort has support in the Fear protocol, wherein the sacrum is treated for 10 minutes to evoke or release fears stored in the lower abdomen, then the Heart/thymus is treated for 10 to 20 minutes to process these released fears. It seems valuable to add this substitution wherever discomfort is experienced during the Hippocampus/Adrenal Protocol.


Reports on Stress:

STRESS 52-year-old male (1) high stress manager job (2) had a shoulder injury which resulted in chronic pain issue. Both issues have created anxiety and depression. Using Infratonic 4.3. Used on top of head for 20 minutes and on solar plexus for 20 minutes each day since 10/01/04 – 6 weeks total. 1 x per day in pm before bed – usually. Held wand on the location. I have been in a much better mood overall. I am not getting stressed out at work; we had an audit at work and I breezed thru it – no anxiety problem. I notice that I don’t get mad/angry at other drivers on the road. This is a big improvement for me. I have been able to deal with my pain a whole lot better. I have noticed that I have been sleeping better – especially since using the machine – before I had more problems sleeping due to pain. Eddie LeBlanc Customer #45710

Reports on Panic:

PANIC: I have been suffering from anxiety, depression and panic feelings for over 35 years. I get emotional, scared and get ready to run all of the time. My heart pumps out of my chest and I start to sweat. My adrenalin is rushing through my body like crazy. I have been to many psychologist and psychiatrists and nothing has worked for the last 25 years. I have taken drugs also throughout the years. I used the #1 signal for 20 minutes on top of my head, then on my solar plexus, once or twice a day for 7 weeks. I am not as sad all of the time. I feel more self-confident since the protocols. I can stand up for myself more than ever. I feel stronger in my body. I do not suffer as much anxiety feelings as I use to. I can do more things in life without feeling anxious. I haven’t had a full-blown panic attack since the protocol. Catherine See Customer #44502

PANIC: A tremendous (and annoying) lifetime “startle reflex” response. Started first week placing transducer on crown & solar plexus 20 minutes on #1 setting. After two days started getting tension headaches in occipital & lower neck/shoulder areas – chi machine (#1 & #2) would not relieve the headaches – after day four I used machine for 3 – 4 hours on pain areas and no relief naturally got worse. I started second week using #2 for 20 minutes each on my crown, liver & sternum/thymus & the pain stopped. I did this for two weeks. Fourth week – used #2 for 15 minutes on crown, liver and sternum - felt good. Fifth week – Back to 20/20 minutes #1 on crown & solar plexus – few headaches.

Sixth & Seventh weeks my husband tells me my startle reflex is 80% better. Around the fifth week I noticed for the first time ever I felt happy & actually enjoyed a rainy, dreary, cold day and it continues. Writing this I just realized the success of this experiment and the degree of improvement to my state of well being it has had on my life. J.K. Hermance Customer #24731


Reports on Anxiety:

Anxiety: Heart problems beginning Mid May 2004. 5 days in hospital – extreme fatigue, anxiety, sensitivity to stimuli, developed fears & depression. Applied to top of head & solar plexus using signal #1 for 15 – 20 minutes once per day / 6 –7 days per week starting 9/11/04 for 6 weeks. By 4 th week anxiety & sensitivity greatly diminished, minimal adrenaline surges. By 5 th week depression & fears reduced, stamina improved. In 6 th week had an episode of anxiety triggered by indigestion which caused palpitations & atrial fibrillation but was short-lived and rest of week was very good. Now able to get out without experiencing previous extreme sensitivity to stimuli (driving, visiting, for longer periods of time). Sleeping easier & more soundly, only minor adrenaline surges. Fewer naps & mealtimes per day, making plans for work, happy – no depression. Nancy S Thomas Customer #05179

ANXIETY: 21 years ago I was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia – I’ve been on Prolixin 15 years & Vit B complex 9 years. The busy thoughts went away, but not anxieties or depression (moderate) Infrasonic 8 for 6 weeks nearly everyday on top of head for hippocampus and pituitary, 20 minutes as directed & then solar plexus region. My chronic anxieties faded and as did my depression – the hippocampus and pituitary treatments on top of head produced a very calming effect. I would score this improvement as 98% - such a relief. Sally Merten Customer #45315


Reports on Depression

DEPRESSION: I have experienced through out my life – now nearly 78 years long – the mentioned “nervous anxiety, exhaustion and depression”. I have diligently employed philosophical, psychological & spiritual techniques & during the past year have also used my I8 on the heart/thymus at #2 signal, with limited success. I was still seeking greater relief. Starting on 9/10/04 & continuing for 7 weeks employed suggested protocol: I8 signal #1 to top of head for 20 minutes & same signal to solar plexus for 20 minutes. Upon wakening, getting up to empty bladder, drinking 8oz of water & going back to bed. If I had time, I finished with 10 minutes on heart/thymus #2 signal. I then got up immediately, easily, quickly and energetically – a new experience – no brain fog, indecision or apathy. My mood is more cheerful and self-confident, and remains positive. Yesterday, as I was going out, my apartment manager commented, “Wow, I see you “off & running” every day now! Juanita Harris Customer #40933

DEPRESSION: Mary – 60 years old & long history of headache, neck, mid back & low back pain, severe neck pain & chronic nature in muscle spasms, getting worse, causing depression. Prior to case: medication. Therapy over 2 weeks, 3 x week 15min/hr to top head, fore head & solar plexus. Also used moist head neck in quiet room supine after chiropractic care / adjustments to C1, 2,5, T56, L5, & T51. Patient stated dramatic reduction of spasm / pain, especially depressed mood. Vastly improved sleep quality, awaking more rested. Mental clarity improved. Depression vastly reduced to nil. Patient feels relaxed, calm and energized. “I feel stronger every day” Note: The patient asks for CHI Therapy now every office visit. Dr. Andrew C. Kirk Customer #02759

DEPRESSION: Anxiety & Depression – I have been diagnosed for the past 5 years with sad disorder, also causing anxiety & depression – soooo I tried your suggestion!!! On August 30, 2004 I started using the suggested treatment: Body signal on head 20 minutes, and 20 minutes on solar plexus every day for the 40 minutes. I feel calmer and I’m not so blue, I’ll continue to do this program every night before bedtime. 7 weeks has past and my spirits are up and many changes within my body taking place – just feel better. Getting better & better every day! Yea! Polly Ann Snider Customer #25452