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Clinical Study of Qigong Healthcare Instrument

Beijing Military Qigong Research Institute

Sun Hua Ling, MD






How It Works






***With the development of human society, health care has become an important part of daily life. Qigong training and techniques and devices like the Qigong Healthcare Instrument ( QGM ) can provide valuable influence. This instrument simulates the low frequency sound of Qigong doctors, which penetrates tissues and organs of the human body, influencing the function of cells. and providing clinical results. This study reflects clinical treatment with the QGM of more than 1000 patients.

Cells are units of the human body. Biological electric waves transfer information between cells. forming a biological field of consciousness. The aim of Qigong training is the unification of this field, making the human body more in tune with nature and able to affect nature.

Some hard Qigong Masters can break stones but can't treat disease because their emitted Pi’s amplitude and frequency can not be absorbed by the human body. To be effective, emitted Qi or simulated emitted Qi must be close to the biological wave-form of the patient. then it is easily absorbed and treatment is more likely to be successful

Many disease conditions were treated with the QGM alone. Some cases were treated with additional therapy such as emitted Qi, Qigong acupressure, and self-practiced Qigong exercises.

The QGM was administered by having the patient take a comfortable position, then applying the QGM over the disease area or related acupuncure point as indicated. The treatment procedures are presented in the following tables:

(30 days is a course)
Region Points Intensity
angina pectoris front of the heart area Ren 17 B15 high twice/day 30 minutes/time
arrhythmia front of the heart area P6 Ren 17 medium twice/day 30 minutes/time
acute myocardial infarction front of the heart area P6 Ren 17 medium twice/day 20 min/time
hypertension top of the head Du20 Du14 G20 K1 medium twice/day 20 minutes/time
hypotension sole Li11 Du20 P6 Du23 extra1 high twice/day 30 minutes/time
sprain of joints diseased area Ashi points low or medium twice/day 30 minutes/time
sciatic neuralgia hip G 30 B 40 B 60 G34 high twice/day 30 minutes/time
rheumatic arthritis diseased area Ashi points high twice/day 30 minutes/time
pain in the lower leg lower leg B 57 G 39 K 3 high twice/day 30 minutes/time
shoulder periarthritis neck and shoulder Du 14 G21 B10 Si9 Si11 high once/day 30 minutes/time
necrosis of the head of the femur hip joint S 31 G 30 B 54 high twice/day 30 minutes/time
lumbago lumbar area B 23 Du 4 B 25 DU 3 medium once/day
infantile dyspepsia stomach area Ren l2 Ren6 B25 Du3 medium once/day 20 minutes/time
general headache head extra point L14 G20 G21 medium twice/day 30 minutes/time
side headache side head extra point G8 SJ5 SJ4 medium or high twice/day 30 minutes/time
insomnia sole K1 B15 B18 B20 B21 B23 medium twice/day 30 minutes/time
gastric cancer stomach area Ren10 Ren l2 B21 S36 Ren4 medium twice/day 30 minutes/time
lung cancer chest Ren l7 L1 B13 Ren4 medium twice/day 30 minutes/time
liver cancer liver area Liv 14 B 18 Ren8 medium twice/day 40 minutes/time
cholecystitis right upper abdomen Ashi point Ren12 B19 G34 high twice/day 30 minute/time
gastritis upper abdomen Ren12 S36 B20 B21 high once/day 30 minutes/time
nephritis kidney area B23 K7 Ren4 SP6 medium twice/day30 minUtO3/tiMe
dysmenorrhea lower abdomen Ren6 Ren2 B23 high once/day/40 minutes/time
(type of stagnation Qi and blood stasis)
general Du20 B10 Ren13 S36 Li15 Li11 LI 4 high twice/day 30 minute/time
(type of hypertension of Yang due to deficient Yin)
general G20 LI 11 SJ5 G34 K7 S41 Liv3 high once/day 40 minutes/time
(type of obstruction of collateral due to phlegm)
general Du23 G20 SJ6 Li11 S40 S36 SP6 high twice/day 30 minutes/time
hemiplegia disease area upper limb: LI 15 Si 14 L14. lower lmb: G30 B23 S32 G34 SP6 high twice/day 40 minutes/ time
pulmonary heart disease chest L1 Renl7 B13 B 15 L7 S40 L9 Ren6 middle three times/day 30 minutes/time
tenseness of the cerebral cortex head and neck Du20 Du16 Du14 Kl high once/day 30 minutes/time

Mechanisms of the Infratonic:

1. Relieves pain and edema.
2. Strengthens immune function and reduces inflammation.
3. Normalizes autonomic nervous system
4. Relieves some symptoms of heart disease.

1) Relieves pain and edema

When applied to sprain of joints, fracture, and arthritis, the Infratonic has the obvious result of reducing pain distention and edema. It also relieves pain due to sciatic neuralgia, cancer, lumbago, periarthritis of shoulder and stiffness of neck and shoulder muscles. Thus the Infratonic can effectively treat disease caused by disturbance of blood circulation and can improve local blood circulation.

Patients may feel a sensation of heat, relaxation of muscles, and gradual reduction of pain. This phenomenon may be due to excitation of cells, nerves, and blood vessels around the diseased area. This excitation may contribute to the reduction in pain.

2) Strengthens immune function and reduces inflammation.

The Infratonic has a function similar to short wave and ultra-short wave diathermy which strengthens immune function and reduces inflammation. It strengthens metabolism of organs and cells, increasing cellular energy, thus making the immune system stronger.

Diseases such as nephritis, inflammation of intestines and gall bladder, pancreatitis, gas, duodenal ulcer, and infantile dyspepsia, all respond favorably to treatment with the Infratonic, probably because of this factor of increased cellular energy.

3) Normalizes autonomic nervous system.

Where the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, the Infratonic is often useful. This includes neurasthenia, tenseness of the cerebral cortex, and fatigue.

Research shows that the low frequency signals emitted by the Infratonic penetrate the tissues and organs, altering the internal environment of cells, improving cellular metabolism, and relaxing nerves and muscles, thus regulating the balance between internal and external environment of nerve cells.

Some scholars suggest that emitted Qi may increase cerebral bioelectricity, balancing cell environment, resulting in disappearance of disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, this corresponds to "regulating the meridians and collaterals”, "Improving blood circulation", and "nourishing internal organs".

4) Relieves some symptoms of heart disease

The Infratonic can relieve symptoms such as lack of blood in the heart muscle, arrhythmia. pressure on the chest, palpitation. and shortness of breath for pulmonary heart disease. This result may be due to improved metabolism of cells and improved local blood circulation.