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What's the difference between the three vital signals in the Infratonic 8 and the Infrasound 8?

1 or Body: Rebuilding Signal: Provides an increased rate of healing of cellular damage once tissues and nerves are calm. This signal is Ideal for orthopedic injuries (fractures, tendon and ligament damage, muscle tears and overworked muscles) once the inflammation, redness and pain have been reduced after using the calming effects of the #2 or Mind signal. Apply direct to the point of injured tissue.

2 or Mind: (The everyone always needs it signal). This signal is the workhorse of Infratonic therapy. Think of it as the “calming” signal. It is the primary signal – used first in virtually every treatment program as it calms the nerves and cellular tissues, reduces inflammation and swelling, reduces anxiety and eases the mind of worry.




How It Works






Generally, nervous irritation or cellular trauma are the primary problems causing discomfort and impeding the ability of the body to heal itself. This signal is very effective for calming the irritation and cellular trauma. It assists in the reduction of heat, inflammation and edema, producing pain-relieving enzymes and in normalizing body chemistry. Treat directly at the point of pain or injury and to the surrounding tissues.

3 or Spirit: (Insight) This signal will compete with the #2 signal for the “everyone always needs it” title but can provide a sense of mental focus or insight into the challenges of life that we all deal with. The essence of its value lies in its ability to bring into focus the cognitive issues that are creating or compounding the physical problems. It is very effective when treating the effects upon the body of metal conflicts, problems or dilemmas, and often aids in seeing problems from a higher perspective.

The Spirit signal is also valuable at the end of a treatment to provide overall body integration, to help the different parts of the body work together in a more synergistic way.

Key Word
Function of Signal
Rebuild Body (1) Accelerates rebuilding of damaged cells once nerves and tissues have been calmed.
Calm Mind (2) Calms traumatized tissue, inflammation, and edema. Calms nerves, anxiety and worry. Frees the body's resources for accelerated recovery
Insight Spirit (3) Evokes conscious insight into life's challenges. Provides an overall body balance and integration at the end of a treatment.