The Mission of CHI Institute
We are dedicated to educating healthcare providers, researchers and the lay public about the importance of human vital energy in health, patient recovery, and human potential. We work toward this end in the following areas:

Research - To research the energetic nature of man, the substance of the energy bodies, their function, their associated vibrational frequencies, the source of these vibrations, the role of chaos, and their contribution to our physical, emotional, and mental well being.

Education - To educate the public, medical and scientific communities regarding the energetic nature of man, and how a better understanding of it enhances health and healing, emotional focus, and human performance.

Products - To support the above efforts, and to further the goals of research and education, CHI develops and markets products that aid people in strengthening, clarifying, and focusing their energetic nature; and provides educational aids to help people better understand and measure aspects of their energy bodies.


CHI Institute has an active research department, which has, as its principal objective, to develop quantitative measurement tools for different aspects of human vitality, focusing on electrostatic, magnetic, and gravitational components.

Research projects of a general nature are listed under the research tab. In addition, research can be found under the research tab of individual products.

EDUCATION: Many of our daily activities are directed toward, or at least strongly influence, our vitality. These include nutritious meals, a good night’s sleep, stress management, exercise, nutritional supplements, and vacation. Our environment also strongly affects our vitality. (Clean air, pure water, safety, freedom from oppression and irritation, and loving support)

The difference between abundant and abysmal vitality is clearly evident in work, health, and recreation, yet as a society, we know so little about it. Doctors acknowledge that it is often the difference between survival and death, yet they often consider it nothing more than heart rate, glucose level, or kidney/liver function. In the medical system, vitality is generally viewed as irrelevant to medicine and healing.

CHI publications and products are devoted to provide a framework by which the human vital field can be understood. Through understanding comes transformation.

Pathways to Product Understanding:

Following the concept of Substance and Function, CHI has developed several products that illustrate and enhance human vitality. The principal ones are:

CHIonizer: Charges up the potential of the Vital Field

Infratonic 8: Breaks up stress and trauma for accelerated healing.

Kirlian Camera: Photographs the electrical field surrounding the fingers, providing quantitative measure of the quantity and quality of this electrical field.

Gua Sha: A massage technique that involves using scrapers that have an affinity for electrical (water buffalo) and magnetic (jade) substance, to move and transmute accumulations of energetic stagnation within the body.