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"The Infratonic really helps my clients relax first before having the full massage. It helps the swedish massage go so smooth. They feel the difference after using the Infratonic on them for just 10 mins, number 3 setting. This Infratonic really works."

James Konakowitz

"I am a massage therapist who does a variety of massage techniques but especially hand & feet reflexology, Cranio Sacral and manual lymphatic drainage. Using the Infratonic has helped with all of my clients. I put the Infratonic on the flexible arm and direct it down the length of the client during their massage therapy session, sometimes sweeping and sometimes using it directly on certain areas. I have found that the Infratonic increases drainage, which results in being able to accomplish more in less time. It has helped with a variety of conditions. I see a tremendous difference in all of my clients since using the Infratonic.

Also, I had neck surgery this past September. The Infratonic helped my neck to heal quickly. I had a herniated disc removed between C6 and C7 and the doctor also found 2 pieces of bone chips imbedded in my spinal cord and nerves. The doctor removed the bone chips and herniated disc and put a bone plug between C6 and C7. I used the Infratonic daily before and after my surgery. I was to be completely off work for at least 2 months after my surgery, but the doctor told me when I was allowed to remove the cervical collar at 3 weeks that I could start anytime I felt like I wanted to. I started working (doing massage therapy) about 2 hours per day only 3 weeks after surgery."

Mary Lou Reefer, Dayton, PA



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