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"Neck pain into bilateral trapezius. Manipulated CLT, Infratonic , et jux. Decrease in painkillers. Reduction of pain. Sleeping improved."

Dr. R. Matuszcuzak, East Longmeadow, MO

"Female, 49 years with severe swelling right side of neck. Difficult swallowing and turning of head. Probable lymphoma although not medically diagnosed. Infratonic 8 (Mind), 20 minutes rt. side. 10 minutes left side, 10 minutes to the chest. After 5 weeks of treatment, no pain pills needed, noticeable reduction of swollen tissue by 60%. Sleeping better, optimistic about full recovery, more energy, and improved attitude."

Joseph Johnigk, DC, Bartonville, IL

"Disabled Veteran. Injury to left knee (9 surgeries), lower back (3 surgeries), cervical neck (4 surgeries) and bone deterioration. Skin problem from surgeries, grafts to lower back adhesions (Mind) 2 hours per day holding in contact at place of pain. Lately, just 1 hour, a few inches above pain. Bones are no longer soft, able to withstand surgery and no danger of breaking. Pain in neck 90% relief. Back about 95% relief. Still need pain meds with strenuous activity."

Rev. Bob Gilley, Tyler, TX

"A 74 year old female hit a black cow at night and totaled the truck. Injury to neck and aggravated as a result cervical laminectomy. Off work from Forest Service for 6 weeks, back part time, then full time as of 4/27/02. Pain in neck area reduced considerably. Also reduced use of painkillers. Don’t feel that this could have happened so well without the Chi machine. Appreciate how fast results are achieved."

Elizabeth Sam Hartley, Worland, WY

"Condition: Neck pain and stiff neck
Treatment: (Mind) 20 to 30 minutes. 10 minutes over area of discomfort, 5 minutes over Li:4 (same side as neck pain), 5 minutes over Li:11 (same side as neck pain.) Sometimes if there is a lot of chronic upper back and neck or upper body tension, treating over St:36 for 10 to 15 minutes can move the tension down and out of the upper body."

Jeff St. Onge, San Diego, CA

"I am a massage therapist who does a variety of massage techniques but especially hand & feet reflexology, Cranio Sacral and manual lymphatic drainage. Using the Infratonic has helped with all of my clients. I put the Infratonic on the flexible arm and direct it down the length of the client during their massage therapy session, sometimes sweeping and sometimes using it directly on certain areas. I have found that the Infratonic increases drainage, which results in being able to accomplish more in less time. It has helped with a variety of conditions. I see a tremendous difference in all of my clients since using the Infratonic.

Also, I had neck surgery this past September. The Infratonic helped my neck to heal quickly. I had a herniated disc removed between C6 and C7 and the doctor also found 2 pieces of bone chips imbedded in my spinal cord and nerves. The doctor removed the bone chips and herniated disc and put a bone plug between C6 and C7. I used the Infratonic daily before and after my surgery. I was to be completely off work for at least 2 months after my surgery, but the doctor told me when I was allowed to remove the cervical collar at 3 weeks that I could start anytime I felt like I wanted to. I started working (doing massage therapy) about 2 hours per day only 3 weeks after surgery."

Mary Lou Reefer, Dayton, PA

"A 58 year old female, with stiff and rigid posture, headaches and neck and shoulder pain came to the clinic by referral from her friend. During the first clinical visit by this patient, the Infratonic was applied to the sternum for 20 minutes as other therapies were carried out. The effective sound vibrations of “the kitty” produced a sense of deep relaxation that this patient retained for days.

She reported that, for a number of days following her visits, at home and while traveling out of state, she would first recall the way she had felt with the vibrations on her chest, and then could recreate that feeling of relaxation. She reported that it made a major change in her outlook and her ability to relieve stress. Other changes were to cease wearing a cervical collar at night during sleep, which she had worn because of fear of moving her neck."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

"I have seen many clients benefit with QGM treatment. I treated a young wrestler who had injured his neck. His tongue, esophagus and taste buds were affected. After a few treatments with the QGM, he began feeling positive results. His sense of taste is continuing to improve."

James Konakowitz, Santa Clarita, CA




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