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"Problem: Lower back pain.

Treatment: Transducer wand placed at site of pain for 15 minutes each time for a total of 3 treatments.

Quality of Life Improvements: Back pain has completely gone away!"

Michael Morgan, Draper, UT

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"Problem: Herniated lumbar discs and nerve root pain.

Treatment: Directly over spine in area of the pain. Left on overnight. Highest signal intensity tolerable.

Quality of Life Improvements: Pain gone after sleeping with the Infratonic for one night. Pain relievers had not been helpful."

Andy Kellon, Ephrata, PA

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"Several years ago, I was in an automobile accident that injured my upper and low back as well as my neck. This accident was followed by a couple of other accidents that further exacerbated my condition. For years following the accidents, I was treated weekly by a chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncturist because of the pain and muscle spasms involved. In addition, I suffer with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis so my condition was compounded.

I have used the QGM daily (Mind) since I purchased it (anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours) on numerous points all over my body for the last several years. I started out using the QGM sometimes a couple of hours a day or more. Because my body is so much better, I now use the QGM only 30 minutes to an hour every couple of days. I am a true believer that the QGM works even though I also admit that my injuries were so severe it took several years for me to reach the point at which I am now. I believe that the key is patience and that the QGM can only unleash the pain and trauma in each individual’s body as that body permits.

I have reduced the amount of painkillers that I used to take by about half. Probably most noticeably is that for the past year, I have been able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for a long, long time. In addition for the past year or so I have not needed to use a chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncturist to help me manage the pain. I feel that I have definitely recovered a great deal over the past few years. At one point, I was unable to go out even for a few hours without severe pain. That is no longer the case."

Bettyanne Moore, Vacaville, CA

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"I was in an auto accident. I had one and a half years of various treatments, including physical therapy and two back surgeries. As a result, I suffer chronic pain and have nerve damage. I continue to use the Infratonic on various areas affected by these old injuries. It has been very affective. I am receiving pain relief and increased mobility."

Lesley Madsen, Sag Harbor, NY

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"The Infratonic is very effective on low back pain, even severe low back pain. One post-back surgery patient couldn't have a second surgery and used the Infratonic as a "last alternative". His need for further surgery disappeared. Also the Infratonic is used to treat Tendentious, Bursitis, and Sinusitis. Actually, I wouldn't hesitate using it on anything. I've even treated cancer of the bone with it. As far as I'm concerned, it's the finest device on the market today. It saves money for patients and shortens the number of patient visits."

Dr. Richard Grayson, Aurora, CA

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"As a Chiropractor, I use it nightly for low back or wrist discomfort, when necessary. I feel 100% and sleep very soundly. For client experience, I use the Infratonic daily on shoulders, knees, hips, ankles and extremities. A four-year old boy had extensive dental work, five stainless steel crowns put in, two amalgams removed, thorough cleaning and three hours under general anesthesia. He was in pain and inflamed. One treatment with the Infratonic, 1/8 tsp. of Tylenol and the pain almost was completely gone."

James Kromas, D.C., Boise, ID

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"I had back surgery at age twenty-four. I have been in constant pain ever since, until I used the Infratonic machine. I noticed a relief from pain about one hour after my first use of the machine. At that time I was taking six to eight pain pills every day. I now take two pills in the morning. I am very excited to find relief from my pain without the use of excessive medication. My wife has found the Infratonic machine useful to relieve neck and back pain after working at the computer all day."

Rob Robinson, Riverside, CA

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"Still recovering from spinal surgery just this past May, I had three disc's (C5/C6, C6/C7, C7/T1) removed from my neck with a two inch metal plate screwed into the vertebra. I was also suffering from a lower disc herniation (L4 and L5), four disc bulges, degenerative disc disease and arthritis, which is all due to a car accident several years ago.

My findings upon trying the Infratonic were overwhelming. Being a Ki/Qi master and a martial artist for over thirty years, I was only able to stop approximately 65% of the pain at times. The Infratonic however, after only ten minutes of use, was able to temporarily stop 95% of my pain. After using the Infratonic, not only am I pain free for several hours, but I am also energized as well."

Donald P. Jeffrey, New Brunswick, NJ

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"Thank you for your Infratonic machine. It has done wonders for me. I recently crashed my motorcycle. While taking a jump, I got my weight too far forward, and flew over the handlebars when my bike hit the ground. I tore the muscles in my lower back; from my rib cage down to my pelvis. The injury and pain was so bad that I could not leave my bed for 5 days.

I began using the Infratonic on the fourth day, and by the sixth day I was able to get around with the help of crutches. After 3 more days, I was able to graduate to a walking with a cane. Family members helped to treat me with the Infratonic several times per day, all around the affected area for at least 20 minutes at a time. I treated the area for an additional 5 days, then I threw the cane away! I continued to use the Infratonic for several more days, just to make sure everything was healing OK.

During my recuperation, I favored my right side because of the discomfort I was feeling. My back and the muscles of my left leg would spasm, and they contracted or cramped up, and I had to walk straight-legged because it hurt so bad. I decided to try to use the Infratonic on my cramped thigh muscles, and to my surprise, the leg loosened up immediately. I feel that the Infratonic definitely aided in my quick recovery from a very bad wreck. Thank you very much."

Eric Delgado, San Clemente, CA

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"A back injury that incurred several years ago left me quite incapacitated. The medical help I sought left me no hope, and I was sure my life was over as I had known it to be. I was medicated and told my only choice was surgery. I had a bulged disc that was sitting on a nerve. Pain was constant and unbearable. At times I'd become paralyzed.

In my heart I knew I'd never succumb to surgery or the like. I could no longer continue in my occupation. At that moment of realization I decided to pursue a life long dream. Within weeks of this vision I was researching schools and possibilities. Not only did I find the perfect school; as fate would have it I registered, and became a faithful student of Massage Therapy. Dr. John T. Kenny DC and his partner of Northwest Health Careers began treating me immediately with the Infratonic. The results blew me away. I was being treated three times a week with great results. Because school required a lot of sitting I requested an Infratonic for personal use. I used it all day, everyday. Not only was I painfree, but I lost weight too. I felt like a Million Bucks.

I'm proud to say I've become an accomplished Massage Therapist at the most prestigious hotel in Las Vegas: Bellagio. I know in my heart of hearts that the realization of my dream coming true was the direct result of the Infratonic. Not only has this safe simple way helped me, but also many of my clients. Now I'm pursuing a new dream of becoming a Doctor in Naturopathy."

Thadra D. Smith CMT, Las Vegas, NV

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"Low backache and upper back/shoulder tension. Was treated at Doctor’s office. I felt like I was in an alpha state immediately, like a meditation. The effect was extremely relaxing and my back discomfort dissipated after the treatment."

Mary Jean Kurlon, Sedona, AZ

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"Male experiencing chronic low back pain. Spinal area (L2, L3) had not responded well to chiropractic adjustment. As background, the male is a licensed massage therapist and practiced at the clinic where he received routine adjustments.

QGM was applied (Mind) first to upper back between shoulder blades while I began massage on the lower legs; then moved to lower back between sacrum and L2-3 area while I continued with massaging the gluteals and upper legs. When the QGM treatment was completed, I removed the transducer and continued with massage on the back. As I massaged with Swedish strokes along the lateral edges of the spine, he experienced and adjustment in the troubled area. Level of discomfort was reduced considerable."

Patricia Peters, Orlando, FL

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"Disabled Veteran. Injury to left knee (9 surgeries), lower back (3 surgeries), cervical neck (4 surgeries) and bone deterioration. Skin problem from surgeries, grafts to lower back adhesions (Mind) 2 hours per day holding in contact at place of pain. Lately, just 1 hour, a few inches above pain. Bones are no longer soft, able to withstand surgery and no danger of breaking. Pain in neck 90% relief. Back about 95% relief. Still need pain meds with strenuous activity."

Rev. Bob Gilley, Tyler, TX

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"Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Depression, Lupus, Lower back injury, Arthritis in feet and knees. I currently use the Infratonic Chaos model on high setting continually at night. I place it on my lower back 10 minutes, upper back 20-15 minutes and fall asleep with it on my chest for relaxation. I feel much more relaxed after placing it on my chest at night.

I do still have to take painkillers, however, because of the intense pain. I am able to sleep much better. I also found that after 2 surgeries (hysterectomy and repair of tennis elbow) that my recovery time was much shorter than others who had the same surgeries. I was back at work in 3 weeks after the hysterectomy and after 1 week in a cast my elbow had full range of motion."

Luann Lee, Hutchinson, KS

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"Disintegrating disc, lower back, sciatic nerve pain left side, shoulder and neck stiffness and pain. Acupoints 5 minutes each daily (Body) (Mind). Ease of motion and pain - No painkillers."

J.E. King, Tacoma, WA

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"Shortly after graduating from college, I was in an automobile accident which left me with two herniated disks in my upper back. Sitting for long periods of time or driving was intolerable. I sought help through a chiropractor and other physical therapy work because I did not want surgery on my back.

I started using the QGM to help with the pain from this accident. Later on, I developed carpel tunnel and I use the QGM for that as well. I use the QGM regularly (Mind) for around 20 to 30 minutes a day on different points located on my back and my chest for the last several years. In addition, I used the QGM for insomnia. I feel that the QGM had definitely helped me have a better quality of life."

Randy Moore, Auburn, CA

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"A client came to me after he had back surgery and found he always had back pain and tightness. He was unable to do athletics or activities he had done in the past. I massage him and use the CHI machine, starting at the Coccyx and up the spine. Treated about 20 minutes. He was able to return to athletics (softball) and is pain free. He’s been my patient 2 years. He started feeling relief right away."

Denise Daly, Covington, KY

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"I have just learned of your fabulous machine just last Sunday night. I was in so much pain on the weekend before that I had already decided to have surgery on the following Wednesday. This surgery is a matter of life and death if I have it done, so a friend of mine called me on Sunday night to persuade me not to have surgery but to go to see Dr. Angela and Dr. Thomas Evagash, local Chiropractors in the area, a very nice young couple, husband and wife I had my mother to drive me to their office to talk to them about seeing what they could do for me and she told me of the infratonic 8 machine. Dr. Angela worked with me for 3 hours on Monday and when I got up off the table, I was 70% pain free in my lower back.

I have 2 bulged discs and one ruptured disc, very painful for 6 months! After the treatment, NO pain like it was on the Friday before and I had a hard burst of energy. I could not go to bed on Monday night till 12 midnight and slept till 6 am on Tuesday. I went back on Tuesday for more treatments for 3 hours and Tuesday night, my legs started itching. I thought it was maybe an allergic reaction from the treatments and Dr. Angela said it was the blood flowing better in my legs and the nerves are coming back to life in the legs, both of them. I have no feeling in them for 5 or 6 months. On Wednesday, same treatments, 2 and half hours worth, by the evening, 70% on my feeling came back to the legs. By Thursday, same treatments, and that evening, all of the feeling came back to me.

I am very thankful for y'all and Dr. Angela and Dr Thomas for giving me back my life of at least feeling good again. The problem still exists but at least I am pain free now and can hopefully be on the road to healing. My 2 doctors say it can take 3 to 5 years to recovery and healing and that’s ok because I am in no pain. The whole city has seen me the way I was for 6 months and in just a week, I am in no pain. If you are crying now, it’s ok. I have done my share of crying for 6 months in pain and now I am crying in joy for you inventing this miracle machine to give me and millions of other people back their lives. I thank God for y'all. I am walking advertising for you now and literally hundreds of people have asked me; (What happen to you? How did you get better?) I have the information almost memorized and finally I just give them Dr. Evagash’s card and tell the to call them and set up an appointment.

I just wish I could convince the medical Doctors to check this out, but they are all scared they might lose a dollar, I guess. Please send me whatever information you can so I can learn more about it too, so I can help y'all sell more of them."

Robbie O’Quinn

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"After talking with a friend on a busy workday, I wasn’t surprised that I got really tight and sore between my scapulas. After my 20 minute protocol, my back felt fine and so did I, and that was the end of any muscle or spine discomfort!"

Mary Milazzo, Fountain Valley, CA

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"Chronic shoulder pain with limited range of motion. Treated with spinal manipulation, myofascial massage and ultrasound. Moderate improvement. Then treated with Infratonic at point of pain. Full range of motion with very little pain. Much improved with the ability to carry on with activities of daily living."

Dr. Ralph Stokes, Richardson, TX

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"I have owned an Equisonic since July 1988. How I was introduced to it was through my Chiropractor who gave me your newsletter telling how Susan used it on horses as my chiropractor knew I had horses with lameness and muscle problems. I knew I needed to try one and have used it extensively for my horses for their muscle tightness and inflammation in their feet from the chronic laminitis. It has been heaven sent as now I can help them relieve their pain.

I also began using it on myself as I have lots of spinal problems. I had numbness in my hands and arms which the chiropractor couldn’t help. By treating certain meridians in my arms, neck and back I cured my problem with the Chi and haven’t been back to the chiropractor since. I started also to use it on my aged cat that had respiratory problems. It has given her relief and she looks forward to her treatments every evening. After her treatment comes mine. I’ve treated other friends’ horses with good results. I feel I couldn’t be without it as it serves me in many ways. It keeps horses, the cats, and myself in good shape."
Norma Weyers, Pella, IA


"Low back left S.I. Injury L-4, L-5 Disk injured. Direct application 10 minutes on S.I. area and left leg for 7 treatments (Body). Reduced pain medication in half doses from 1st treatment, less pain radiating down back of leg. Swelling and edema stopped immediately, less muscle spasms from 1st treatment. Walking, sleeping improved, better concentration, reduced pain and healing time was faster. Off of meds the day I used Infratonic therapy. Sense of well-being and peacefulness during and after treatments."
Carol Gates, Lake Oswego, OR


"For nine months, I suffered intermittent pain from a chronic sciatic condition that become acute after ripening for many years. Neither acupuncture, chiropractic, Felden Kreis nor diet afforded significant relief for what an MRI finally showed to be a bulging disc. Happily, fate then intervened in the form of your Chi machine. After using this 3-4 hours a day for only six days early in May 2002, the nasty stiffness, aches and pains in my low back and buttocks all but disappeared. Practically overnight I became a new man!

And a bonus: Within a mere 45 minutes my left ear, clogged and deaf, transducer in place, I sensed a minor explosion. My ear was suddenly awash with a slippery waxy liquid, obviously an accumulation of decades. Recently this condition had stubbornly resisted five candle burnings and repeated squirts of a “tried and tested” glycerin remedy. Over another night I became a new man!! Nowadays, on an early sunny and spring morning, I can be found on our front deck amidst a chorus of sweet birdsong and dissonant wailing of coyotes, offering my own lusty peals of praise for the magic of the inimitable Infratonic 8."
Floyd Humphries, Yucca Valley, CA


"Back and ankle, lower back and sprained ankle. Would use Infratonic QGM on lower back and ankle all night as I slept. I would be able to walk or stand in the PM without pain. I use QGM religiously. Rarely leave home without it. I use it for relaxation. It seems to calm our birds and dog when applied. They gravitate to the QGM."
Franklin Snyder, San Leandro, CA


"To date I have had 20 major surgeries. I had 6 vertebrae fused because of severe spinal stenosis. I’m in constant pain and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Presently I am scheduled for knee replacement and later this year I’ll require a hip replacement. I use the QGM (Mind) for 20 minutes, several times daily, day or night, whenever the pain becomes aggravating.

Since I started using your machine I found that my energy has increased and I accomplish more. My leg cramps are gone and emotionally I’m a happier person. Prior to using the QGM I had to force myself to perform simple tasks. I had difficulties concentrating and was always very tired. The continuous use of your Infrasonic QGM machine has resulted in alleviating some of my pains and reduced others to a tolerable level. On overnight travels, the machine is an essential piece of my luggage. I honestly could not be without this equipment anymore."
Karola Schumacher, Murrieta, CA


"Car accident; 5 herniated discs. Chronic fatigue, TMJ and Fibromyalgia. Treat every day for 3 years, 20 minutes to 3 hours per treatment. It’s the only thing that helps me get through the day. I would love to have the new model because I believe in it so much."
Cynthia Ransom, Jupiter, FL


"In 1987 my car was struck by another car at a high speed. I had 2 herniated disks and was in a lot of pain in spite of ongoing treatment by my wonderful chiropractor. It was he who recommended that I use a Chi machine. I eventually purchased your Infratonic machine, which I used for several years before recently upgrading to your Infratonic 8 which I use daily with excellent results.

I relax with the transducer placed on my neck, shoulder and back, every evening for at least 2 hours. In the morning I sweep myself from head to toe I used to require Motrin or Alleve to get through the days. No more! I also need occasional, not regular, pain medication to fall asleep at night, which is a big improvement. I move more freely without painkillers, and I hurt a lot less than I used to. I credit my Chi machine for the improvement."
Sharon Carpenter, San Dimas, CA


"An 88 year old woman had fallen 3 times in 3 years. She had calcium deposits and fused disks in backbone and L4 was herniated, causing debilitating pain through lower back and legs. L-4 operation confirmed extensive 3 problems in adjoining disks and problems throughout her back.

Machine was used 20 minutes a day beside and on the backbone, starting at the shoulder and extending through the tailbone. Used another 10 minutes on the left leg and at an angle into hip ball and socket point for 2 months. After that, treated at pain sites, 3 times per week for 6 months. Eliminated regular use of pain medication. Neurologist released her from need of additional surgery. Her reduced pain has improved her ability to move around normally. Increased optimism and sleeping better. The biggest change is that her happy attitude about life has returned."
Judi Allen, Ventura, CA


"I tore a muscle in my back, caused by coughing. It caused me excruciating pain. In the belief that it was a broken rib, and x-ray determined that it was not the case. I was on pain medication around the clock and was told that it would take 3 to 6 months to heal. By using the QGM frequently, for 15 minutes at a time, I found relief within 2 weeks. I also use the QGM for general relaxation."
Edmund Lang, Portland, OR


"I can’t remember my first fall, since I have been active all of my life. I started riding when I was 3 years old, was in all terrain rescue (scuba and mountain rescue) team for 3 years, jumped out of helicopters, taught Tai Chi/Kung Fu and now have started to play around with cutting horses. Along the way I have been in 3 bad car accidents, two of them 10 months apart. If I am forgetting or leaving something out it is probably for the best. Injuries have been to the tail bone (5 times), neck (4 times), hip (2 times) and yes, I am still alive.

Two years ago, I took a bad fall off one of our jumpers. The incident resulted in a fracture of my left elbow, concussion, and a very sore backside. I use the Chi machine daily for one week, but more importantly I was back at work on Monday. I continued to use the machine on the hand and the recovery surprised the doctors. I am a designer, a left hand designer, so the possible loss of mobility to my hand would have been devastating. As with some injuries the damage can lay low and build up over time.

Almost a year later, my hip went out with a simple twist movement. My friends had to practically carry me to my truck and by the time I got home I had to crawl to the house. One night with THE MACHINE and I was walking. WALKING! I continued with the treatment for one week and was back in the saddle that weekend."
Su Bacon, Monrovia, CA


"Degenerative cervical discs with acute muscle spasms. Pain to neck and shoulders. Used (Body) for 10 to 20 minutes with significant reduction in pain. Increased range of motion. Fewer muscle spasms. Continue to use QGM on (Body)(Mind)(Spirit) daily to maintain good range of movement to neck and reduction of muscle spasms and tightness. Have had no acute episodes of pain since using QGM on a regular basis."
Linda Flack, Ackley, IA


"Back pain from sports injury. Acupuncture and moxa. QGM on sore spots for 15 treatments. Can walk, pain 90% improvement. No more painkillers. Could sleep after two days. Walking after 3 days. Recovery in 3 days."
Richard Chin, New York, NY


"Condition: Lower back strain
Treatment: One hour (B) transducer placed directly over painful area for 40 minutes. The last 20 minutes I moved the transducer upward along the spine about 4 inches every 5 minutes to relieve some of the muscle tension along spine. Every 10 minutes I would change the setting to Spirit for 5 minutes and then back to Body again. This was done throughout the session.

Results: After the treatment, patient had much relief and could move around much more easily and stand straight up once again. I told him that most people continue to get more relief over the next 24 hours. He said that he doubted that because he gets much worse when he wakes up in the mornings. The next morning however he was amazed when he woke up he could get out of bed with NO PAIN! And could stand up straight and walk normally and had no need to take any pain medication."

"Condition: Lower back pain
Treatment: 40 minutes to one hour (M). 20 minutes directly over painful area. 10 minutes over GB:31 or 32 (whichever is the most tender when palpated. 10 minutes on back of knee. Sometimes 10 minutes on lower back reflex points on the foot helps. Finish with sweeping down the entire back and off the feet. Often you can enhance the treating St:36 for 5 to 10 minutes."
Jeff St. Onge, San Diego, CA


"A 74 year old white, European, male presented in mid-April, complaining of excruciating pain and simultaneously with lack of sensation but with a tingling sensation on the left side of his face, from just below the left eye to just above the left half of the lip and posteriorly to just in front of the left ear. He had this pain in its present form for over 3-1/2 years. He had been diagnosed as having trigeminal neuralgia, at a very large well-known teaching hospital in the area. He said the pain had actually been worse and much more excruciating before he presented to the teaching hospital 3-1/2 years before.

After he was initially evaluated, he was given painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication, which he reports didn’t make any difference at all. He was then given stronger medications, in kind and quantity but made very little difference, and the difference it made lasted only until the medication wore off. He said even with this strong medication he could not even splash water on his face the pain was so severe.

A specialist - a neurologist, specializing in trigeminal neuralgia, then saw him. He was advised against surgery to “cut the nerve” as the effects would probably not be isolated and circumscribed to only the area where the pain was and he could lose sensation to other areas as well as possibly lose control to some of his muscles of mastication. He was recommended to have “a radiation treatment”, he reports with “cobalt”. This would destroy just the nerve that was conducting the pain and the pain would go away “safely”. He underwent the sessions and did indeed improve, to the point where he could now wash his face; and was able to sleep at night, though with a light and interrupted sleep.

Upon examination the area of pain was visibly swollen. It was sensitive to the lightest touch. Vibration from 128 cps tuning fork was exquisitely painful, “like a cut” and left a painful “afterimage” that lasted for over 10 seconds. The other significant finding on visual inspection was extreme forward flexion of his upper back, forming a slight hump. He had difficulty lifting his arms above shoulder level. He had mild weakness in flexing his fingers in his left hand, and mild weakness in opposing his thumbs in both hands. He went on to report that the pain had originally started, though not as strong, after a fall he had in 1969. He took a tumble, head first down a flight of stairs, and landed on his upper back, and was told he broke vertebra. The pain in his upper back was severe, but eventually went away.

He gradually noticed as his upper back improved, that he had a strange sensation in his face. It never went away, but didn’t get worse until the late 1980s. The 4th and 5th vertebral spinouses were excruciatingly painful to palpation. X-rays showed an old compression fracture of the T4 vertebral body. In assessing this situation, it would make sense, that the fall he had played a significant role in producing the pain of trigeminal neuralgia. More so, that the injury was to some significant degree active and present, and had not yet fully healed, and was still contributing to the facial pain and numbness.

He received five, 10 minute sessions, with the QGM (Mind), in addition to very precise coupled motion chiropractic adjustments at the base of the neck. Immediately after the first session he felt relief in pain both in the spine and in his face. He was able to lift both his arms above his head, and the strength in finger flexion and thumb opposition improved to a total lock, with no fatigue upon challenge. Afterwards he reported being able to sleep full nights with no restlessness, and wakes up tranquil and refreshed in the morning. The feeling of tranquility remained with him more often than not throughout the day.

By the third session he had stopped taking all the medications he was taking for his condition. (He says that now that he does not have to take these medications, he realizes they were making him sick and doing more harm than good). Initially the emphasis of the sessions was on the spine. Then we also waved the transducer in the vicinity of the facial outflows of the 2nd and 3rd divisions of the trigeminal nerve - below the left eye, in front of the ear and around the jaw. This brought very pronounced relief in pain and the sensation of pressure he was feeling in the left side of his face. After the fifth session he was no longer feeling any pain to palpation in the vertebra in his back. He received a sixth session, this time with the 8.0 (Body), for about 5 minutes, emphasizing the upper back and neck, and nearly all the active and passive range of motion returned to his neck.

Upon examination now the face is normally sensitive to touch and palpation pressure, with no distinguishable difference between the left and right sides. In addition, vibration, even with deep goading, with a tuning fork is not sensitive, nor does it leave an “afterimage” as it had on initial examination. The face is no longer visibly swollen on the left side. This gentleman is elated and looking forward to his life and future again. From the initial session he felt very optimistic and hopeful, as hope was something he didn’t think he would ever have again."
Bert Rodriguez-Munnet, DC, Miami, FL


"Spinal stenosis in neck creates headaches when I sleep wrong or when I’m under stress. Use QGM (Body) 20 minutes on neck, (Mind)10 minutes on heart and (Spirit) on feet and hands. Reduces pain and swelling."
Ann Labe, Vancouver, WA

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