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"Problem: Patient had a "frozen" right shoulder. Could not lift arm sideways or forward more than 30 degrees even with the other hand lifting it.

Treatment: Treatment is now in its 6th week. Placed transducer just below scupula muscles (on the front) 10 mins on the mind setting, 20 minutes on the body. Twice a week for 6 weeks. Have also used foot reflexology once a week for 30 minutes.

Quality of Life Improvements: After 2 weeks, patient was able to lift arm about 45 degrees; 60 degrees after 4 weeks. Now, after 6 weeks, she is able to lift arm almost upright (front) with the help of the other hand. Sideways motion is still limited to between 60-70 degrees. Will continue treatment for another 2 weeks."

Timothy S. Wong, Tulsa, OK

"Problem: torn muscle, rotater cuff.

Treatment: Infratonic on pain points.

Quality of Life Improvements: The first time I was able to sleep pain free, after my 1st treatment with the Infratonic."

Greg Harlan, El Cajon, CA

"My Infratonic is helping to heal my shoulder so I may no longer need to have surgery!"

Rosalie Gordon, Independence, MO

"My son Matt's shoulder is much resolved now, getting better each day. The tide shifted last weekend when he got adjusted Friday evening, and slept with the Infratonic machine for two nights. His appetite returned. He slept soundly for the entire weekend and Sunday he could bring his arm up from his side."

William E. Griffin

"My mother has had a frozen shoulder for over a year and was taking Zantac twice a day. After using the Infratonic machine for about 4 days, she is no longer needing to take the Zantac."

Jim Fessler

"Problem - a 52 year old woman. Left shoulder frozen, could not raise arm above shoulder level, due to injury 2 years ago - slow development to this state. Treatment - infratonic 4.3, 3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes on back at level of B43, and on deltoid at level of lung 4 and li 12, li13, li14, and sj5 set on high. Slight massage motion, sometimes just resting on body. 10 treatments- on scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is worst pain, pain was 7, it now is 2 better - Quantifiable results - has not gone to physical therapy where she would have. Less aspirin or naproxin. Quality of life improvement - she can put on her coat without pain."

Tracy Fitz, Brooklyn, NY

"Both shoulders would dislocate, especially when doing things above my head from blow-drying hair to window washing. Weekly acupuncture would help and then I met QGM. I used the QGM directly on the rotator cuff. Time would vary from 10 minutes to 45 minutes daily. Within a month I had tremendous improvement. I no longer need acupuncture or physical therapy. I now use the QGM for reduction of stress or energy or enhanced immune system. I use them in my practice. Clients love them and I absolutely LOVE them!"

Deborah Egbert, LMT, Midvale, UT

"2 car accidents within 2 years of one another resulted in debilitating migraines (daily), a weak neck, numbness and pain in both arms and chronic shoulder tension. Quality of life was greatly reduced. I have been using the QGM (Mind) at the base of my neck for 1 hour 3-5 times per week for 4 weeks, then 1/2 hour 3-4 times a week for 6 weeks and currently 15 minutes 3-4 times per week. My chiropractor and I both noticed within only a few weeks that my neck felt completely different, like new strong tissue rather than the damaged, weak tissue that had been there for so long. I can sleep more comfortably, my mental state is great, my arms no longer have pain or tingle, shoulder tension is gone, the knot in the back of my neck is gone and I am well along the path to full recovery! Thank you so much!"

Marianne F. Kelsey

"Swollen Left clavicle, extreme pain, limited movement of shoulder girdle, heart palpitations. 7-year duration. Went to Osteopath, MD, OMD (acupuncture), 5 different chiropractors, 3 masseuses, 3 energy workers with no relief. QGM, 2 times at nite during sleep for 20 minutes, for 1-1/2 months (time of results). Clavicular/Manubrium swelling down (most ever). Pain almost completely gone. Range of motion 85% restored - wow! Heart palpitations stopped. Sleeping well."

Judy McKinley, Arvada, CO

"Due to a fall, tore tendon & ligament in shoulder. This caused intense pain all the time. I couldn’t use my hand or arm. Doctor told me that if steroid shot didn’t work, the only alternative was an operation to repair damage. X-rays showed torn tendon. Corticosteroid shot was given. One week after fall, no change in condition. In next 6 weeks, started using QGM, 60 days after fall, twice a day for 20 minutes. Pain lessened after 4 sessions. I had 90 to 95% of use of arm after 30 days. When any residual pain starts, a couple of 20 minute sessions gives me complete relief. I can use my arm (right) again, and I know that if the pain returns I can banish it with a couple of treatments."

Paul O’Hop, Port Hueneme, CA

"I injured my left shoulder on a Friday morning. By Friday evening I was in severe intense pain. I could not move my shoulder in any direction. I could not get comfortable to sleep, so I did not sleep. By morning I had decided to go into the medical walk in clinic to get a painkiller. That was how desperate I was, but it was not my style to do that so I used the QGM instead. Saturday morning I started using the QGM (Mind) for 20 minutes. Since I did not have any sleep the previous night, I lay around all day and used the QGM on all the settings.

That night I took the QGM to bed with me all night. On Sunday I used the QGM on and off all day long and then took it to bed with me again (I know I wouldn’t have been able to sleep without it). By Monday morning I had full use of my shoulder. I consider it a “miracle” that I did not have to cancel out my workweek. As a massage therapist, injury and stress is a daily occurrence. I am very grateful for the QGM and would not be without the healing device, for my personal use and in my practice! Thank you for all your hard work into the creation of this product."

Karen Jefferson, Wenatchee, WA

"A few years ago I encountered a moving vehicle, which ran over my foot and injured my leg and shoulder. Once in the house and cleaned up, I used the QGM on my foot, top and bottom and on my leg and shoulder. I did not realize it at the time, but using the QGM on my foot has taken care of hypoglycemia also. The next day I was able to walk and move about. Within 3 days soreness was gone. My foot is fine now, pain and symptom free. Most recently, chiropractic and massage therapy treatments have not been real successful in treating an aching back. 20 minutes each day with my QGM is all I need to be pain free. Thanks for your production of such a fantastic machine."

Janie Butterfield, Quincy, CA

"Shoulder pain, sharp like a knife, decreased mobility. Treated 10 minutes each (Body)(Mind)(Spirit). After one week, no pain. Painkillers no longer needed."

Denise Black, Sandy Valley, NV

"Soft tissue damage in shoulders and arms. About a week after purchasing my CHI machine, Illinois had a heavy snow. The lower level turned to ice. I started chopping it up. After 2 hours of this my muscles started aching. I placed the transducer next to painful areas. Treated 20 minutes (Mind). This subdued the pain but it came back stronger so I did it again. About an hour later the pain returned so bad it made me sick. I took the machine to bed and left it on continuous.

By morning I woke to find the pain gone. I had full range of motion. I spoke to my chiropractor about this. She agreed that I had soft tissue damage from repetitive chopping. This normally takes a long time to heal. Without the help of the machine, I probably would have had to take a week off work and had many visits to the chiropractor. The machine paid for itself within the first two weeks of purchase."

Pam Chochola, Lockport, IL

"A 58 year old female, with stiff and rigid posture, headaches and neck and shoulder pain came to the clinic by referral from her friend. During the first clinical visit by this patient, the Infratonic was applied to the sternum for 20 minutes as other therapies were carried out. The effective sound vibrations of “the kitty” produced a sense of deep relaxation that this patient retained for days.

She reported that, for a number of days following her visits, at home and while traveling out of state, she would first recall the way she had felt with the vibrations on her chest, and then could recreate that feeling of relaxation. She reported that it made a major change in her outlook and her ability to relieve stress. Other changes were to cease wearing a cervical collar at night during sleep, which she had worn because of fear of moving her neck."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX


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