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"We have three cats. We also have a back yard that is attractive to birds for its flowers, sweet smells and colors. At two different times, our cats caught two hummingbirds. After we rescued the tiny creature from the jaws of our cat, it appeared to be dead, but I noticed that it was moving, shuddering almost imperceptively. I'm not an expert on birds or a veterinarian, so I wasn't sure how to help. I did the only thing I could think of at the time: I got out my Infratonic machine, laid the bird in a box, put the machine on low, and covered the box with a towel.

I continued to check on the tiny patient but it just lay there. I thought for certain it was dead, but I continued to notice the shuddering of its little tail feathers. So, I didn't give up hope. After a while, I heard a buzzing sound coming from the box. The little bird was very much alive. With it's characteristic buzzing sound it tried it's wings, as it balanced on the side of the box for a few minutes. Then it flew off. This happened the same way both times with both birds."

Merrily Davies, Porterville, CA

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"The first sparrow flew into my backyard window and was unconscious with her mouth opened. I moved her near the electrical outlet and the blood ran from her mouth. I circled the Infratonic 8 around her head area for a few minutes then placed it next to her head (Body). Soon her eyes were opened and I put a few drops of sugar water in her mouth. After about 10 minutes, she flew off about three feet, rested, and flew another 6 feet, rested and flew up to a tree, rested and flew across the pool and away.

I do not know whether she lived. The second sparrow hit the window with a big thump. Her eyes were opened with heavy breathing. Circled the Infratonic 8 (Body) around her head and dropped a few drops of sugar water in her mouth. In 5 minutes she flew away and was gone. I do not know whether she lived either. It was amazing because both birds looked as if they were dead. With the Infratonic 8 they flew away."

Tutsie S, Phoenix, AZ


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