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"Acute whiplash. Muscle test to determine setting (Mind) (Body) or (Spirit). Most patients initially test for (Spirit). The unit is placed under the cervical spine through an ice pack while the patient is undergoing gentle passive traction for 10-20 minutes. Pain reduction and improvement in range of motion is faster than treatment with interferential. We treat 15 to 20 whiplash patients per day and the use of the Infratonic has shown a faster recover in the very acute cases."

Jerry L. Richardson, DC, Austin, TX

"4 Whiplash injuries, chronic pain entire left side of body. Conventional treatments unproductive, leaving me in chronic spasms. The only relief I can obtain from the chronic spasming is applying Infratonic to the spasm points in upper cervical, mid thorax and acupressure points down left side of body. Sometime I use for 10 minutes (Mind), other times for half an hour. This is a daily ritual for it is a daily problem and has been for 15 years. The only measuring tool is my ability to function. Without the treatments I have no relief from pain. Without it I would be confined to bed as I was for many years before trying the Infratonic 8."

Carol Appel, Mercer Island, WA


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