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Bone Fractures

"Problem: A patient of mine got in the middle of a dog fight trying to separate the dogs. She ended up with a fracture of her fifth metatarpal and a crushed wrist + multiple dog bites that had to be sutured. I saw her the day after this happened.

Treatment: I have a CHI Infratonic 4.2, on 7/30/03 I did a general body sweep for about 10 minutes to address her state of shock, then while I did some gentle bodywork (Bowen Technique), I placed the CHI machine over her cast over her fifth metacarpal for 20 minutes and over her wrist for 20 minutes. On 8/5/03 and 8/19/03: the same protocol without sweeping. 25 minutes over foot fracture and 25 minutes over wrist. 9/2/03: got X Ray of foot. Orthopedist removed cast and commented how well and fast her fracture did mend, that women in her age group usually do not heal so fast. 9/3/04: walking without cast was hard, difficulty to roll foot and walk without a limp. Repeated same protocol.

Quality of Life Improvements: 7/30/03: she could feel right away a sense of relaxation, re-centering and grounding from the sweep. Walking was easier with walking cast, less limping and overall pain was reduced at foot and wrist. 8/5/03 and 8/19/03: was able to put more weight on foot each time. Wrist a bit slower to respond but overall less pain and more mobility. 9/3/03: could walk basically without a limp putting all weight on foot. It just took a month for this fracture to heel and has experienced no residual disconfort since."

Patrik Rousselot, Oakland, CA

"I have had Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis for 38 years. In 1989 I broke my right ankle. I broke both bones going into the joint. The skin ripped open and end of the bones were exposed. I was very lucky to still have my foot. About 5 years later my disease had destroyed the cartilage in the ankle. I was having a great deal of pain trying to walk. Wearing an ankle brace & greatly cutting down on the amount of time I spent on my feet helped me to get through it. About 1998, I was started on the drug Enbrel. Enbrel costs about $1000 a month before insurance. This new drug was a great improvement for me. I could almost walk as much as I wanted. But after 6 months I had to stop the Enbrel due to complications. My ankle started to hurt again.

A friend told me about the CHI Machine and I decided to try it since it had a 30-day guarantee. I started out with sweeping then setting it on high on my ankle for 45 minutes on each side. Honestly, I did not notice any improvements by 30 days. But I decided to keep trying as my friend had had so many good results with it. So, I started leaving it on for several hours. After about 6 weeks I started noticing I could spend more time on my feet. After a few months I was about as good as when on the Enbrel. Twice in the last couple of years my transducer has broken. While it was sent away for repair my ankle has started hurting again both times."

Teresa Jessee, Franlin, OH

"A three year study on Geriatrics & hip fractures. Some patients on actual site about 1” away and others 2’ to 3’ away, directed at site of surgery. 10-20 mins. once a day for 1-2 weeks. Setting on High. Doctors were amazed after x-rays taken, healed so much faster than usual; could weight bear sooner and pain decreased which in some cases took no pain meds. Decreased limping, sleeping all night and less pain. Quick recovery surprised doctors, good attitudes. Did not let doctors know, was for my own information, because I was so excited of what it has done for my husband and me. I have my license as a Physical Therapist."

Judy Ortega, Fallbrook, CA

"About 6 weeks ago, I stepped off a horse trailer, landed wrong and broke my right lower leg about mid-way down. I had a rod put in the lower leg. I had a splint for about 2 weeks initially, and then no cast. With the Infratonic 4, I have done 3-4 treatments/day on medium setting. Using points on the bottom of my foot, as well as at the break point for about 10-20 min each. Afterwards I have done a sweep of my leg. I have not had to use pain medications at all throughout my 6 week recovery period. My x-rays at 6 weeks show some advanced bone healing. I am able to walk with a cane and much of the time without any props at all."

Catherine Rowland, San Diego, CA

"June 3, 2000 - I fell backward & landed on a rock wall, breaking 2 ribs lower right side - 8th & 9th ribs. Because I couldn’t use any anti-inflammatories because of stomach problems the swelling was making the pain worse. I put the Infratonic on the rib area for 1 hour and the swelling went down so much the first time. I used it every day for a week. Because the inflammation went down so much I was able to zip up my pants and move easier. I not only had reduced pain but I was back to work doing massage within 3 weeks. The ribs healed perfectly and I have no residual pain from the accident."

Linda Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO

"Fractured 7th rib in front on left side / torn muscle tissues in back and under left rib cage / unable to lift left arm because of pain in back area and under arm. Used Body setting first over injuries (Mind) (Spirit). Treated four times a day, within three day results. Did many different techniques of sweeping; held on and away from pain areas. Was able to lay and sleep within 2 days in reasonable comfort. Was told it would take 2 weeks before resuming work. Was back to work within 7 days. Miracles do happen with the Infratonic 8. I use one for myself & my clients in my office daily."

Hannah Simmons, Honesdale, PA

"Disabled Veteran. Injury to left knee (9 surgeries), lower back (3 surgeries), cervical neck (4 surgeries) and bone deterioration. Skin problem from surgeries, grafts to lower back adhesions (Mind) 2 hours per day holding in contact at place of pain. Lately, just 1 hour, a few inches above pain. Bones are no longer soft, able to withstand surgery and no danger of breaking. Pain in neck 90% relief. Back about 95% relief. Still need pain meds with strenuous activity."

Rev.Bob Gilley, Tyler TX

"40 year obese woman, multiple bone fractures, compound fracture of rt humorus, casted & sling, later splinted. Not healing. After 3 weeks, MD wanted to operate and use pins. Patient was frantic and full of anxiety. She did not want the operation. Infratonic 8 daily on fracture for 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times daily in and out of office. Also treats liver, spleen and 3rd eye. X-ray after 2 weeks. Fracture healing. Calus formation and pain decreased. Patient able to move neck and shoulder better, improved mood. Hope and visualization of recovery. Spirits lifted. Sleeping improved, stress improved in every way."

Catherine Quill, Beverly, MA

"I am a runner and frequently sustain local aches and pains from training for marathons. The QGM helps me get through those days. This particular time I broke the fourth metatarsal bone in my foot. Experiencing some level of pain but continued to run on it for about 6 more miles until the pain was so intense that I stopped running and called a cab to take me back to my car. I treated my painful area with the QGM (Mind) twice every day placing the unit directly on top of my foot over the pain for one hour twice a day. It would relieve most of the pain so that I could still go to work each day (I am a Personal Trainer and I am on my feet all day long).

At this point I still didn’t know that my foot was broken, and I would work out on the low impact cardio equipment at the gym which would increase the pain some, but I could treat it again when I got home with the QGM and the pain would be less. After a few weeks I started to feel much better and I decided to jump rope while at the gym and it began hurting much worse again. I finally went in and had an x-ray taken of my foot a month after the injury and I then found out that it was broken. I stopped all high impact exercises and continued the treatments twice daily with the QGM. Thanks to my QGM I was able to continue working every day without pain medication and I have just run my first marathon since the incident."

Patricia Saad, San Diego, CA

"I was standing on a wooden bench, leaning over to reach something. The bench tipped over, and I fell, with the edge of the bench knocking hard into my right shin (tibia). The pain was excruciating, and it was some time before I was even able to get up off of the floor. I was unable to put any weight on my right leg - it turned out that I had a hairline fracture from the blow - so with the help of a friend, I hopped back to my room where I immediately reached for my CHI machine (chaos model). By this time my entire lower leg - from ankle to knee - was swollen, bright red and quickly turning purple.

What happened next is truly remarkable. As I ran the transducer (Mind) up and down my leg - focusing it every now and then on the actual area of injury - the swelling started to subside and the purple color began to fade. I felt like I was a character on Star Trek, with the doctor using her medical know, where the serious injury heals right before your eyes! Once the generalized swelling subsided, I focused entirely on the injury site, which was throbbing with pain and quite tender. I used the CHI machine all that evening, and almost non-stop the next day, which luckily was a Saturday. By that evening I was able to start to put a slight bit of weight on my leg. By Sunday evening, after another day using the machine, I was able to begin to walk a bit, although of course with some difficulty. The swelling over the fracture site was greatly reduced, as was the pain and tenderness.

I continued to use the CHI machine as often as possible throughout the next number of weeks, with continuing great improvement. I mostly targeted the injury site, but also followed along any tightness I felt in the muscles throughout my leg, as I knew this tensing was a reaction to the injury. I would also on occasion use the transducer on the bottom of my right foot, aiming up the bone. By the following weekend I was able to walk with only a slight limp, with the pain quite reduced, and localized to precisely the area of the hairline crack (I am a body therapist and could actually palpate the fracture). Within a couple of weeks my leg felt almost completely healed, with just some residual soreness around the injury site. This diminished with continued use of the CHI machine...I could actually feel the bone heal from the inside out, the actual bone “bruise” being the last to go."

Beverly Kune, Santa Fe, NM

"On October 10, 1996 I was climbing up to my attic on the pull-down staircase and lost my balance. My left leg got caught between two rungs and as a result ended up with a major Tibia Plateau Fracture. I was rushed to a local hospital’s ER. There was no orthopedic doctor on duty and thus I was examined, sent home with a wrap around cast until I could see an orthopedic surgeon. I declined surgery and in place of the wrap around cast, I was fitted with a fiberglass cast, which I wore for about 9 weeks.

After it was removed, I had weeks and months of physical therapy and weight training, while learning to go from wheelchair adjustment to arm crutches and actually had to re-learn how to walk again. It was a long and grueling experience. It was approximately 3 years before I could walk again with some normalcy and even by this time, I had frequent problems with compression and swelling. During this period, something amazing occurred, as I received a flyer from your company in San Clemente, CA with the description of the benefits of the Chi Machine. I immediately knew that this was the miracle waiting for me! I purchased the machine right away.

After receiving the Chi machine, I used it daily for about an hour at least 2 to 3 times a day. I would set it directly on my knee and around the surrounding muscle tissue. I did not have the normal flexion and extension of the knee joint, which was noticeably displaced as a result of the accident. Over the weeks of using the Chi machine, I began to see wonderful results. There was less pain/compression and I was walking with much more ease and normal gait. My leg became stronger and I found that I could finally resume the tasks that I had done before the injury. I am a Polarity Therapy Practitioner, and after all these years I am able to stand with ease, while working on a client. That is a gift in itself!! I walk well and have very few limitations now. To this day, I still use my Chi machine. I have no doubt that this miraculous machine played a major role in my blessed recovery of body, mind and spirit!!"

Janet Van Sise, S.Yarmouth, MA

"Multiple fractures of wrist. Pins inserted; quite painful. 20 minute treatments daily for one week, then 3 times a week for 2 more weeks. 3 weeks after the fractures occurred, orthopedic surgeon couldn’t believe how much the bones had healed. Quite significant pain reduction during healing."

Michael Bourland, DC, Brookings, OR


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