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"Eleven years ago I visited the MD for a lengthy and severe flu condition. His diagnosis claimed that my condition had developed into bronchitis, which he treated with antibiotic drugs. That occurrence developed chronic and I have suffered with chronic bronchitis at least once a year, every year since then. For every occurrence, I have had to visit the MD for meds since that is the only temporary cure.

I purchased the QGM about 1-1/2 years ago during which time I have contracted bronchitis two times. The QGM fully cured my condition both times and finally my MD visits for antibiotics were not required. The QGM is my natural doctor. My treatment consisted of one hour, every evening for 5-6 weeks (Mind). Treatment points were Thymus gland, distal delto-pectoral triangle, sweeping over same areas as well as cubital creases and anterior wrists. Until I experienced the Infratonic’s extraordinary healing powers, I had greatly feared a life long trauma of doctor visits for drugs with only a temporary cure, while my respiratory system continued to weaken.

Although I have been using the Infratonic for a relatively short time, I believe my respiration is on the mend to recovery and my breathing is much more comfortable and deeper."

Danuta Brunea, West Linn, OR

"Fibromyalgia Syndrome, muscle pain and currently a bad (six weeks long) case of the flu or a cold. Even while using Albuterol, I am experiencing shortness of breath and a feeling of constriction around my neck. I have a history of bronchitis and asthma. I have been using my Infratonic for the cold (Mind) on my chest, throat and sides of my neck as well as on my sinus areas, for periods of 20-30 minutes.

Use of Infratonic helps to relax my bronchia and chest muscles and allows me to breathe comfortably. I feel relaxed after using my machine which helps me get to sleep at night and I have been able to discontinue pain medication for my fibromyalgia syndrome. I am happy about that as I worried about side effects from long term, high dose Tylenol usage."

Billie Cook, Oak Harbor, WA


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