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Carpal Tunnel

"In Chiro school, 3 years ago, I developed elbow problems from manual adjustments - this developed into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after putting together furniture for my new office - I could not feel to palpate my patients spines and had just opened my new 1st office. For the next three nights I used (Mind) on the long axis of the elbows toward the hands on either elbow while I slept, waking to use it every few hours or so. I could feel my elbows ache when I found the “sweet spot” & they ached so good the whole time the machine was on it.

Today I can write for the 1st time in 2 weeks without numbness and I can palpate to adjust my patients. Despite waking up to move the machine through the night, I’d awaken in the morning energetic and refreshed. I feel happy and my arms feel more comfortable today than when I first developed elbow pain several years ago - I can feel to write & work."

Dr. Michelle Trumps, Mandeville, LA

"I have found the Infratonic to be an outstanding unit all round. Not only has it's use extended the longevity of my playing music, I find that I do not experience the pain that I had gotten use to while playing. No longer do I tire as easily either because of carpel tunnel, and before the purchase of my first Infratonic, I had said "good-bye" to playing guitar."

Michael E. Strange, Brooklyn, MI

"Shortly after graduating from college, I was in an automobile accident which left me with two herniated disks in my upper back. Sitting for long periods of time or driving was intolerable. I sought help through a chiropractor and other physical therapy work because I did not want surgery on my back.

I started using the QGM to help with the pain from this accident. Later on, I developed carpel tunnel and I use the QGM for that as well. I use the QGM regularly (Mind) for around 20 to 30 minutes a day on different points located on my back and my chest for the last several years. In addition, I used the QGM for insomnia. I feel that the QGM had definitely helped me have a better quality of life."

Randy Moore, Auburn, CA

"Carpal tunnel right wrist. Scheduled for surgery in 10 days. Works in a school cafeteria as a cook. Massaged her hand and arm then I put the QGM (Mind) for 20 minutes on the wrist. After first treatment she was without numbness for 3 days. After second treatment she took off her brace and cancelled surgery. After third treatment she can’t believe she almost let a doctor cut on her. She has no numbness and feels she is back to normal. She thinks I’m a miracle worker instead of my “magic Chi machine” (that’s what I call it)."

Connie Rogers, Helm, CA

"Right hand pain and numbness in fingers. Gradual onset from work. 72 year old female. Denies acute trauma. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Treated with QGM daily for 10 minutes per hand and wrist for 3 weeks followed by chriopractic adjustment of wrist and cervical spine. Had previously treated with MD with anti-inflammatory and was awaiting surgery. Grip test went from 2 to 10 bilaterally. Range of motion returned to normal. Reduced swelling in wrist and fingers. Able to sleep without numbness. Sleeping better, able to perform household tasks and take care of invalid son."

Chris Frogley, DC, Davenport, IA

"I am a therapist and had carpal tunnel. Tested and diagnosed by a neurologist who suggested surgery. I was experiencing numbness and tingling could hardly button shirt or tie shoes. I used the QGM daily for 20 minutes (Mind) directly on each hand on the carpal tunnel and on brachial plexus each side of neck. Within 30 days all symptoms were reduced. Within 60 days I was totally back to normal and doing more work than ever with no symptoms. Thank you. I still use the QGM daily for maintenance."

Steven Lipke, Boca Raton, FL

"After 17 years of continuous use with my hands and arms now having lots of pain. Carpel Tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. I lay the machine on my hands, arms, elbows, shoulder joint, neck and upper spine area. I run it 15 minutes each spot but at different times. Some in the morning and some at night. Have less and less pain now and don’t have to take painkillers. Can get many more things done and sleeping better."

Karen Lindsey, Broken Arrow, OK

"Carpel tunnel syndrome/ repetitive motion arm and shoulder pain. (various workers in a glass manufacturing plant) The area of pain is located (usually between the shoulder and wrist), and pressure is applied for about 10-15 seconds. Then ice for 10 minutes and the Infratonic on an increasing schedule of time for 1-2 weeks, working up to 20 minutes.

As a Workman’s Comp nurse, I have been doing the above procedure and I have not had one carpel tunnel diagnosis. This is over the last 22 months, compared with about 8-10 a year. The result is we have reduced our comp cost by 2/3. Our workers have missed no time and are pain free within 1-3 weeks."

Kristina Humenuk-de la Torre, Sapulpa, OK


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