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"My small blue-gray cat, Lidia, got in a fight with another cat. A huge abscess the size of a golf ball, developed behind her ear. She always sleeps on my chest. I used the CHI machine (chaos model) on Med. setting every night, either directly on her if she let me or on me near her body, on “Continuous”. Probably used it about an hour each night.

Within a few days the abscess started getting smaller. I didn’t have to take her to a veterinarian, no antibiotics. It got small enough so she could move her head to lick at it. It completely resolved in about 10 days! (At first the energy of the “thumping” was too intense for her. I used it near her for about 2 days, then she let me put it on her after that.)"

Madhuri Cawley, Glendale, AZ

"I've had excellent results when treating 2 cats with the I8. The first cat to be treated is 20 years old. It broke it’s paw in 2 places. I applied the transducer directly at the breaks and used the Body setting for 2 minutes. After 4 of these treatments, the cat was walking on the paw and has only a very slight limp."

"The second cat was bitten by a raccoon. I took the cat to the Vet who prescribed antibiotics but said there was no hope that the cat would survive. I treated the cat by placing the transducer under the rib area on Body setting. I only treated for a few minutes. I repeated this for 5 days. The cat is now fully recovered with no sign of injury at all."

Gina Malik, Harbor, OR

"My cat got caught in the door as I was closing it. (It closed shut!) Used QGM (Mind) directed at cat’s abdomen. He looked very relaxed and turned to lie on his back. Haven’t taken him to a vet but there appears to be no residual damage. My kitty recovered! He had a dent in his body."

Deborah Krueger, Stevens Point, WI

"My 17 year old cat was starting to lose hearing and look sickly around the eyes. Used QGM each evening near her (Mind) for 20 minutes. At first she didn’t like the noise/vibration, but when she realized it made her feel better she would go up to it when she wanted it on.

Eyes improved immediately. Sickly demeanor stopped. Had 2 chiropractic treatments in addition to QGM and hearing improved in a few months. She lived to be 20 and picked the day to make her transition while healthy. I went through a similar experience last May-June with my Himalayan cat. He would never go near the QGM until he was sick. Then it helped his energy level and he liked it before he passed."

Cathryn Corbett, Centreville, VA

"It occurred to me that the Infratonic could be used in a deliberate treatment program to relieve an 8 month old cat of underlying anxiety and aggressive behavior which would surface when least expected. This cat had been rescued from a parking lot when he was a few weeks old, and underwent abdominal surgery for an undecided testicle when he was four months old. Ankle-biting is not my favorite sensation when walking through the house, nor is face-attack when attempting to communicate with the cat.

I sat with the cat in my lap and held the transducer aimed at the base of its skull for 15 minutes (Mind). There were numerous neurological and muscular reactions, such as involuntary twitches of the skin and limbs, and an array of movements of facial features, following which the cat seemed to be able to settle against me more comfortably. I repeated the procedure for 10 minutes after a break of 10 minutes. The cat has since demonstrated less hostility and more respect for the boundaries between us, and I am able to express more positive emotion to the cat which it seems to be able to receive and process in a manner unavailable prior to the influence of the Infratonic. In fact, if a shadow has orange stripes, then I have a shadow."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

“Our cat was pinned under the automatic garage door for some 45 minutes. When discovered, he was in shock, eyes bulging, tongue hanging from side of mouth, barely breathing. My husband & I stayed up all night and used the Chi machine on his back, on for 15 minutes, then off for 15 minutes, repeat. We also used the sweeping motions every so often. The next morning he stood up with difficulty, but he has steadily improved. For the next two years, when he would see our daughter using the machine, he would jump up in her lap and accept any treatment offered. He was not a lap cat before, so this was very discernable.”

Elizabeth A. Lare


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