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Dr. Mc Seaton has been treating a patient suffering from severe Clinical Depression. Placing the transducer over the thymus, thyroid, heart, spleen & liver areas (Mind) greatly assists in mood elevation and calming. He described the difference in the man’s countenance before and after treatment as a Jekyll/Hyde transformation. He finds that treating the sacrum area (Body) assists with the reduction of lower back pain. Good results were also achieved using this setting for sinus congestion.

Dr. Dennis Mc Seaton, Myakka, FL

"Depression, unable to sleep from marriage breakup (divorce) from one of my patients in her 50’s. Used (Mind) placing the transducer above the right eye, between top of head and hairline, 45 to 60 minutes. 1 treatment. This woman was on sleep inducers that didn’t help. She slept the same night of her treatment. Then 2 more nights without sleep pills. I have seen this in other emotional disorders I have treated in the same way."

Jacinta Horvath, Paris, TN

"Depression with anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. (Mind) for 20 minutes at solar plexus, (Body) for 20 minutes or until relief came. If I was just depressed with despair - (Spirit) 20 minutes on chest and 20 minutes at solar plexus. Then sweep. Reduction in glandular therapy - hormone balance glandulars. Slept straight through the night. My back is stronger, able to overdue without inflammation and my back stays in line. It used to be sublugated all the time. A lot more hopeful and happy after treatment. More energy if I use the (Spirit) setting."

Kristin Collins, Morrison, MO



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