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"I scraped the top of my left big toe. I treated it and waited for it to heal. To my dismay, it did not, and I finally noted it was going deeper into the toe! Being a diabetic, with the foot problems of diabetics, I started to wonder about gangrene, which is a worry as I am aware American medicine treats it by amputation.

My Infratonic machine, I keep at my easy chair, ready to use, the thought occurred to me, what would that machine do? So I applied it for twenty minutes, and could note a slight difference on the toe. So I applied it for one and a half hours, and noted a definite improvement. The next day, I used the machine most of the day. In twenty-four hours the wound was gone, except for a small scab. You can appreciate my happiness at this turn of events."

A.G., Chula Vista, CA

Don Carney Shaw, a Physical Therapist, used the Infratonic to treat his father who suffered from Diabetic Neuropathy. The result was tremendous relief of pain in his leg, and gained increased ability to walk. After one treatment he asked his son to obtain one for him. After several years, the father continued to use it and is doing fine.

Don Carey-Shaw, P.T. in East Moriches, NY

"Let me take this opportunity to tell you how much the Infratonic QGM machine has helped me with my ongoing disabilities such as arthritis and diabetes 1. For years I have been waking up with pains in my legs and feet, especially my toes. I would go to acupuncture and the treatments would help immediately. In January of this year I started to have severe pain, and this time my treatments did not give me relief.

In February I heard about your QGM machine and decided to purchase it. Thanks to your machine and in conjunction with my acupuncture treatments I have had success. As soon as I get a twinge of pain I apply the QGM and I’m ready to go walking. Applications at home for ten-minute intervals during the day, with the sweeping technique as suggested for 10 minutes. Now all I find necessary is to treat myself for 5 minutes less frequently and I receive the same results."

Theresa Magnus

"The client whose legs I have been working with is in fact my mother. She has diabetes, which explains many of her problems; e.g. poor blood flow, swelling in the extremities, discolored tissue, and varicose veins. A medium size cut was accidentally inflicted upon her right foreleg over two years ago. This never fully healed but rather turned into a diabetic ulcer. It became deep and all surrounding tissue became very tight giving her no hope of recovery. Through many vitamin supplements and trying just about everything she could they slowly seemed to heal her sore but her legs still ached all day and night. The scab would easily break off every time she took a shower or overstretched her leg.

By using the QGM on her twice per week and for several months three times per week she is happy to report much more energy and is now able to stand on her legs for much longer periods of time without them giving out on her. Treatment (Mind) began about 10 months ago. We now have her feeling much better. I use the QGM for 10 minutes behind each knee, 10 minutes inside the leg, next to the ankle, angled up, on the anterior foreleg just below the kneecap and directly on the sore itself. She now reports “discomfort” in the legs fairly often throughout the day but that she feels “much better and has much more energy”. Finally she believes she is on her way to recovery. The QGM has seemed to promote new skin growth to now completely cover the once helpless sore. It has also brought serenity to her muscles thus causing better blood flow."

Heather Steelman, Scottsdale, AZ

"Diabetic Neuropathy. Can’t walk so I am in a power wheelchair. Feet and lower legs discolored with pain. Draining water blisters. Use 10 minutes under feet and over spleen and 20 minutes on chest. Have been doing it for 7 days. First 2 days, no change. Third day less tingling in both feet. 5th day more movement. 6th day more movement, less swelling and less pain. 7th day water blisters have dried up and quit draining. With crutches I can now walk 19 to 29 steps. I am sleeping better, only waking once to urinate. I am beginning to have hope this will work. I am now off the Codeine!! Take one Ultran once in a while."

Wayne Boyer, Paradise, CA


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