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"The Infratonic is finally a solution for chronic pain relief! That's how I feel when I introduce patients to the Infratonic. Many of my referrals are last resort patients for who all routine pain therapies have failed. Others have actually been burned by ultrasound. Where nothing else has worked, the Infratonic has broken the chronic pain cycle for short periods. With acute pain patients, we've gotten excellent, fast, long-lasting pain relief. With acute low back or neck pain, we administer the Infratonic daily, tapering to several times weekly for 4 to 8 sessions.

Using low intensity for 10 minutes to the pain site, we eventually increase to high intensity. With chronic pain, we sweep around the trauma until direct contact is tolerated. With the Infratonic, results aren't hit or miss, irritating or dangerous as they can be with ultrasound. Patients love the Infratonic because it is so soothing. Any patient with myoligamental injury to the axil skeleton or appendicular skeleton will benefit from treatment. You can have confidence in the Infratonic's therapeutic value and the relief it will bring your patients."

Gregory Browning, M.D., Florence, SC

"As a Chiropractor, I have found using the Infratonic machine directly on the area of pain more effective, with faster results, directly after the subluxation is adjusted. For low back and sciatic problems, correcting the cervical spine first, then using the Infratonic, gives more rapid relief of pain."

Dr. G.H., D.C.

"I like the results I get using the machine locally at the point of pain. Recently, I injured my wrist resulting in a multiple sprain. The very first treatment with the Infratonic machine took away all the throbbing pain. I am able to use my wrist almost to full capacity now, and I am very pleased with the role the Infratonic was able to play in the healing process."

Dr. F.K., D.C.

"I am pleased to let you know that I have used the Infratonic in my practice and am extremely impressed with the results. I have noticed in patients reporting excellent pain ablation and pain management, as well as patients reporting an improved sense of well-being and substantially more energy. It appears the Infratonic is more effective than ultrasound and electrotherapy in many situations of both acute and chronic pain control.

In my twenty-two years of practice as a Chiropractic physician, I have not been as excited about a modality that successfully reduced both acute and chronic pain, and that also improved one's overall feeling of health. I will enthusiastically recommend the Infratonic and its remarkable technology that affects the bioelectric fields of the body to my colleagues. As a faculty member at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, I will also recommend the unit to students to broaden their base of pain management modalities in addition to anyone who wishes to reduce not only pain, but also the effects of stress."

Ronald S. Dunn, D.C., Palo Alto, CA

"I'm in love with your Infratonic. I think it's tremendous. I was in Beijing, China just a few months ago and it's really a pleasure to see that their research has produced such an important piece of technology that combines electronics and acoustic wave phenomena in such an incredible way. ...I certainly appreciate it. There's no way I can continue without this incredible technology."

Dr. William Cargyle, Daphne, AL

"I have been using a Infratonic machine for some time on my patients with excellent results on radiculitis, neuralgias, pain control and relief. I am beginning to understand the importance of smooth flowing Qi and adequate Qi in all parts of the body to promote healing."

Thomas G. Conte, Jr., D.C., West Trenton, NJ

"A few stories may excite your interest: My son's in-laws have a small dog that was kicked by a horse and broke it's neck and was completely paralyzed. The vet wanted to put it to sleep right then, but I remembered an article I had read about the use of the Infratonic on paralysis victims in China, so we persuaded them to give it a try. It was given the treatment three times per week for ten minutes per treatment and within two weeks the dog walked; and in four it was jumping up on the couch. It does not even have a limp after two months.

We are getting spectacular results with fresh sprained ankles, knees, etc.. A woman with a very bad Baker's Cyst that she had had for many years, was given treatment and within two weeks it was half its previous size and getting softer each day. Again, we used the Infratonic only three times per week for ten minutes each. Also, today was the third treatment we have given a stroke victim in as many weeks and he seems to believe he's walking and using his arms much better. The restoration of energy or life force with the body is a plus for many of our patients that we are using it on."

Dr. William L. Bell, Marion, NC

"The day the Infratonic machine arrived my grandson was playing football with a friend who knocked him down and he injured his knee. He had a bad limp when trying to walk and it was very painful. He came over and I put the Infratonic machine on his knee for ten minutes and asked him how it felt. He said all the pain was gone. He could hardly believe it and neither could I. He got up and walked around and his knee was normal again. He hasn't had any problem with the knee since then.

Also, a lady (a registered nurse) had broken her ankle and had to have surgery on it and a pin applied to the bones. She recovered from the surgery quite well, but was never free of the pain since the surgery. After one treatment with the Infratonic, she was free of pain that lasted for three hours, and then came back slightly, but over the next three days the pain gradually decreased and she has felt much better. Another patient who was experiencing pain in the bottom of her feet was relieved after using the Infratonic machine. The stories are numerous of how my patients have been helped with the Infratonic machine. Several of my friends and patients have bought machines for their own use.

Emery L. Wayman, D.C., N.D., Portland, OR

A Message From A Patient Of Dr. Wayman

"Dear Dr. Wayman:
Just a note to tell you how good my foot has felt since my last appointment with you and your staff. Your adjustments have always been truly wonderful in making my life more comfortable and livable. The problem with my foot however, has been a continual, painful dilemma for sometime. That is, until my last visit with you. Your introduction of the Infratonic Therapeutic Massager to me has been nothing short of a miracle. Not only has the sharp pain in the ball of my foot been alleviated, but it also appears as though the swelling has been reduced.

I attribute this relief not only to your adjustments of my foot, but feel much of the credit goes to your therapy using the Infratonic. I noticed also that the stiffness I experience periodically throughout the day in my right shoulder has diminished. These two chronic problems might seem trivial to the average individual, but to one who carries mail everyday, this is no small feat. Thank you so much for your help and support, and again for the wonderful effects of the Infratonic technology."

William J. Carson, patient since 1980

"After having had the experience of over forty years in the Natural Health Field, I can vouch for the Infratonic as being one of the best practical health items you can find anywhere. In fact, you might say it is one of the best things "since sliced bread". Our son, Dr. Christopher Vogelmann, in Washington, D.C. area, and I have been doing a good deal of research on the daily and practical use of this device."

Stuart Vogelmann, D.C., Buffalo, NY

"Ultrasound and Hydro therapy were my main modes of treatment before the Infratonic. I also tried magnetic therapy, but nothing has even come close to the results we see with the Infratonic. I use it on bursitis, faciaitis tendonitis post-operative to keep swelling down. I treat many patients with heel bursitis, and I find the Infratonic very effective. I still inject, I still strap, and I still prescribe orthodics, but as you know, the injection relief is short term. The Infratonic gives lasting results. I use it like this: First I inject the patient. Then I put the Infratonic on the area for 15 to 20 minutes. I repeat the treatment every other day for three to five visits. At that time, I give them their orthodic and they're feeling great!

It doesn't seem to work for everyone, but I'd say at least 96% of my patients who refuse to be injected improve with the Infratonic alone. It definitely reduces the number of injections. On my post-surgical patients, I place the transducer above the point of surgery. I treat for ten minutes with the Infratonic set on high. I place a towel on the leg, position the transducer and wrap the towel around the leg (over the transducer) to hold the transducer in place. It is very effective at keeping the swelling down."

Paul Cachat, DPM, Lakewood, OH

"My first exposure to your Infratonic was in early 1994 while attending an Acupuncture seminar offered by Dr. John Amaro. I eventually purchased one and immediately put it to work. I experimented with the settings and applications knowing that it would do no harm. I had various degrees of success. Even today, I'm still learning more about it, thanks to your research and newsletter."

Roger D. Stock, Pittsburgh, PA

"As a Chiropractic and Acupuncturist, I use the Infratonic to set the terrain for my treatments. The Infratonic intensifies the effect of the needles and is compatible with micro current stimulation. I have also used it as part of my pain control and emotional release procedures."

Dennis L. Greenlee, D.C. and L.Ac., Kelseyville, CA

"I have done VEGA testing on the Infratonic machine, and find that it lowers the biological age. The Infratonic machine is an excellent hands free therapy for doctors. By placing the machine where it hurts, many of my patients have found that it provides relief from spinal and muscular pain. Many of my arthritic patients have also found relief from stiffness and pain after using the machine. I find the Infratonic machine a useful therapeutic tool in my practice and recommend it to others. "

John Keefe, D.C., Tulsa, OK

"I'm a Holistic Health Practitioner here in San Diego County. I purchased an Infratonic a few weeks ago and the results with family, friends, and clients in my private practice are very favorable! I'm very excited about the results that my wife Lou Ann is getting with the Infratonic also. It is clearing some hip pain and knuckle soreness in her right hand. I love the way it balances my body, especially after a long day of doing massages on clients. I know this invention will have a positive impact on world health. My deepest heartfelt thank for bringing it to this country!"

Mark Allen Harding, H.H.P., La Mesa, CA

"The Infratonic is great for pain management and relaxation! And, has unbeatable value and superior conventional ease of use."

Tracy S. Kay, D.C., Eagan, MN

"I have had a few patients who were either extremely sensitive to energy, extremely fatigued or in severe pain call and tell me they felt an incredible change in their condition after relaxing 20-30 minutes with the Infratonic on their solar plexus."

Glenn Lloyd, D.C., Encinitas, CA

"As a Chiropractor, I have found using the Infratonic directly on the area of pain more effective, with faster results-directly after the subluxation is adjusted for low back and sciatic problems, correcting the cervical spine first. Then using the Infratonic gives more rapid relief of pain. In the past year, I have found only one case that the use of the Infratonic may have aggravated. This has been extremely difficult case, with many problems. So far, there is 99% patient satisfaction with the Infratonic. I'm very much interested in all data from China or other research data. My interest is research with Bio-Circuits and Bio-Magnetics. Thank you for your fine product."

Gary G. Harbit, D.C., Greenville, SC

"Infratonic use has been very successful treating both acute and chronic joint and muscular problems: Also for fractures right through the cast to speed healing. It induces overall relaxation of the patient so that they are more receptive to other procedures. Clearly it helps plantar fasheitis, and increases circulation in the legs. The Infratonic is a highly effective device for physical therapists."

Barbara Lovejoy, P.T., Renton, WA

"The students in the Medical Qigong program here have been using the machine regularly in clinic, and the results have been excellent. It has proved to be very effective in treating both chronic and acute pain. I used it myself just two days ago for some nagging hip pain that resulted from an injury due to a fall from a roof 14 years ago. In 20-minutes my pain was gone, and it has not returned since! My wife has also used it for shoulder pain and allergic asthma, and experienced relief for both conditions. Bravo to you for making this available to so many people in the U.S.. I am sure that many of the students here will use the Infratonic when they establish their own clinics.

Jampa M. Stewart, D.O.M., Dean of Medical Qigong, Austin, TX

"Our patients really love the Infratonic machine, so to be without it even one day is tough! By the way, our patients aren't the only ones who love the Infratonic. The doctor and staff wouldn't give up the Infratonic for anything! Our results have been terrific!"

Anna K. Brown, Office Manager for W.E. Lund, D.C., Escondido, CA

"Client experience: I've used the Infratonic for three weeks now. Thus far, even with my experience, it has reduced significant join pain on the shoulders of two patients; completely relieved five-month long pain in the hip of an elderly patient; relieved 15-years low back pain on one patient; melted tight shoulder muscles of one Fibromyalgia patient; and last but not least has reduced my own pain after a working day, not to mention increasing my energy. I have been working longer hours with less fatigue in the last three weeks."

Judie Brenneman, L.M.T., Columbus, OH

"As a Clinical Psychologist, I have used the Infratonic for the purpose of a stress-reducer."

V. Mac Bean, Vancouver, B.C.

"I have been using the Infratonic at North Shore Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since May. The Infratonic aids in breaking up adhesions, reducing depression in chronic patients, and is tolerated well by patients who cannot tolerate electro-stimulation and/or ultrasound used in Chiropractic and physical therapy. It is also beneficial to those who have metal implants such as pins and rivets where bones had been broken. The Infratonic is a wonderful addition to massage therapy, especially therapists with training in Oriental techniques."

Pamela Connolly Tangredi, L.M.T., West Babylon, NY

"To bring you up to date on my experience demonstrating the unit, my friend Teresa had back surgery, fusing T-6 and T-7. She has been in constant pain, requiring medication for pain and muscle relaxing. The first time I use the Infratonic on her, she got immediate relief and I now treat her on a regular basis. Another friend Noni, suffers from Lupis. She was misdiagnosed as a child with "Childhood Rheumatoid Arthritis" at age 12. Noni, soon to be a grandmother, has been taking many different types of drugs for pain, muscle and other, feels now that she will need less medication for pain. Her energy has been increased to where she can now sleep through the night and wake up alert."

Michael E. Strange, Brooklyn, MI

"The Infratonic is an incredible tool for inducing a deep state of muscle relaxation in my massage clients. One client I have been seeing for a few years is a lady attorney who comes in totally stressed out and stooped over. It would normally take me most of the hour just to get her muscle rigidity to release. And even then, if I would work too deeply, she would feel discomfort for a few days. I applied the Infratonic, and after just a few minutes, she relaxed so much that I found that I could roll the skin deeply and spend most of the hour on deeper issues. Thank you for this powerful tool for body workers."

Jeff Long, Laguna Hills, CA

As a naturopathic physician who teaches trigger point injections and neural therapy to other naturopaths, I'm always intrigued by new techniques to relieve pain. Since October 1992, I've given over 1000 Infratonic treatments, and find the unit more effective than EMS in relieving pain and easier to use than ultrasound. The Infratonic requires no set-up or supervision; it can't burn or injure the patient and is the highest quality electrical Chinese device I've ever seen. The Infratonic is the ideal therapy for general myalgia, and my adjunctive therapy of choice for almost every condition other than extreme calcific tendonitis.

Prior to an adjustment, using high intensity, I place the transducer on the area of maximal tenderness for five to fifteen minutes. If there is any soreness from manipulation or injection, I repeat the application. Because the Infratonic promotes circulation and decreases inflammation, it's a remarkable modality to begin the healing process. It increases the lymphatic flow in areas with acute swelling from arthritis and vasculitis, and quickly returns feeling to numbed or swollen areas. Although I use it before, during and after acupuncture treatments, I am using it more and more as a separate modality. My only treatment caveats concern treating new fractures and infants with the Infratonic. When a bone is newly injured, I recommend using the Infratonic in small doses, and advise against using high intensity to treat babies. "

Rick Marinelli, N.D., Beaverton, OR

"A total of 16 patients presently receiving regular chiropractic care were treated with the Infratonic 8. Men and women ages 30-74 completed surveys after receiving 2-6 treatments. Each patient received a chiropractic adjustment and then a 2 minute treatment of the Infratonic 8. All patients received 1.5 minutes sweeping the bladder meridian, and 15 seconds on the posterior sacral area and 15 seconds on the posterior C7-T2 area, mind setting. 9 or 56% of the patients reported feeling various physical sensations during the treatments. 7 or 44% of the patients reported no physical sensations during the treatment.

The group which noted physical sensations can be grouped as follows:

A) 2 or 22% of the people felt a tingling sensation in the middle back and down into the arms.
B) 3 or 33% of the people felt warmth and a tingling sensation on the back.
C) 2 or 22% of the people felt only warmth on the spine.
D) 1 or 11% noted a slight pulling in the mid to low back.
E) 1 or 11% noted feeling a more relaxation sensation which was general.

Only 15 patients filled out the section on any changes noticed with physical or mental health.

7 or 15 or 47% of the people noticed health changes.
8 of 15 or 53% of the people did not notice any health changes.

The group which noted health changes can be grouped as follows:

A) 4 of 7 or 57% of the people noticed they had more energy.
B) 2 of 7 or 28% of the people noticed decreased pain or tightness in the back, shoulders or arms.
C) 2 of 7 or 28% of the people noticed they are sleeping better, more sound at night."

Jane Rackley, DC, Oakland City, IN

"98% of my patients still indicate a general QGM treatment is needed after specific problems have been addressed via dynamic chiropractic adjustments, Chinese medical Qi-gong, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and or including hands on eastern energy work. The added QGM treatment integrates the corrective treatments performed as well as gives the person a chance to accept the improved functioning capacity of the entire body."

Eckard Birgel, DC, Phoenix, AZ

"About 12 years ago I saw a demonstration of the Chi machine; felt it on myself. I was so totally impressed that I have been getting your publications ever since, hoping that one day I might be able to afford one and offer its incredible healing to my family, friends and clients. I’ve been thinking about the Chi machine demonstration for almost 13 years now. That’s a lasting impression considering I couldn’t tell you much about most other events 13 years ago.

I was at a continuing education seminar and the doctor teaching the seminar brought in his Chi machine to “share” it with us. I am a hands on Doc; one who is frequently scowling at machines that “heal”. When I tried the machine I was surprised at how my body relaxed and the powerful physical and emotional calmness and centering (almost altered state, but heightened awareness) that came over me. This all happened in less than one minute."

Karen Peters, DC, Ashfork, AZ

"I am a Holistic Health Practitioner in San Diego, California and have been in practice since 1990. In my practice I treat a wide spectrum of conditions many of them having to do with the management of pain. I began using the QGM about 5 years ago and have experienced very good results in treating many different conditions. Truly I would not be without a QGM on a personal or a professional level. I have recently upgraded one of my units to the Infratonic 8, and I am getting even better results. Overall I have found that the QGM has much faster and longer lasting effects in treating older more chronic conditions, especially pain. Newer pain syndromes tend to take longer more frequent treatments to relieve the pain."

Jeff St. Onge, San Diego, CA


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