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"Problem: Black Labrador 2 yrs old, with a torn crusiate ligament from a direct hit into a door frame. She was instantly unable to put weight on her back leg. She was started on Rimadyl x 10 days for inflammation. The vet recommended surgery. This was devastating news as this dog was trained for dog shows. Infratonic therapy was started the next day.

Treatment: Infrantonic therapy was started in 24 hours with the following protocol: All 3 settings were used during each session, beginning with Mind setting directly over the knee and surrounding area for 30 min, followed by an hour session starting with Mind, then Body with it positioned under her paw to work its way up the leg. Finished with Mind setting for sweeping over body 5-6x all the way down the leg and tail.

The next 8 days following injury the 3 settings were used for hour, 2 hr, and 3 hour sessions through out the day, beginnging with Mind at the point of injury, body under paw, and finish with sweeping on Mind setting over the body. There was a 2 day break because of access to the machine, and then more sessions for 3 days using Mind/Body/Mind 3 times a day for hour sessions following the above protocol. Mind directly to injury, followed by Body placing it under paw, finish with Mind sweeping over body, down the leg.

Quality of Life Improvements: Immediately following the injury the Labrador walked on 3 legs. Initially the Lab was very restless, and the therapy seemed to induce some discomfort. After a few sessions the lab became so relaxed during the sessions. As the treatments continued, the dog began to anticipate the start of infratonic therapy and would settle back and lay quietly during the therapy. They observed the dog to be so relaxed.

The 3rd day the Lab began bearing weight with a slight limp. The dog was re-evaluated by a specialist for surgery, and informed my niece that he could not do surgery at this time because the dog had a normal gait. He did feel that the dog had frayed the ligament to some degree. He did anticipate the dog would eventually need surgery as she increased her activity. Total time logged for Infratonic therapy over a 14 day period was 30 hours using the Mind/Body/Mind. Her activity for 3 weeks was cage rest with gradual short walks and mild exercise.

It will be almost 8 weeks since the injury and the Lab has an occassional limp, despite her increased activity. Her future is uncertain for dog shows, but for now this family is thankful this dog was spared a costly surgery that also had a risky outcome. The dog walks with a normal gait other than an occassional limp. My niece has used Infratonic on her other show dogs, and their performance was noticably improved following a treatment prior to their show."

Linda Flack, Ackley, IA

"Problem: Degenerative myelopathy and idopathic vestibular in my 15-1/2 yr old German Shepherd.

Treatment: My Shepherd (Radja) has been undergoing acupuncture for many years to help in many different ways. About a year and a half ago her allergies caused a bacterial infection to set in her spine, causing difficulty for her to walk - through acupuncture she started walking better, along with homeopathy. Recently, she developed vestibular syndrome and it really knocked her on her fanny. The vet prescribed Belladona for a day along with relatively frequent treatments with the Infratonic - I worked with her for about 10 minutes each session and immediately noticed a difference in her comfort level, along with increased recovery. For her age she has recovered quite quickly and continues to receive treatments with the Infratonic which is helping tremendously (an understatement I might add). Her visits to the vet are weekly - I believe if I could work with the Infratonic at least a couple times a week it would improve her recovery that much more.

Quality of Life Improvements: Radja's quality of life has been improved by enabling her to sleep better - because of the degen. myelopathy she would position herself in odd positions, never really completely comfortable, which didn't allow for a very good night sleep, hence hindering her recovery. Since the Infratonic she is more aware of her hind quarters, thus allowing her a better position - more comfortable - longer sleep periods - allowing for more improved recovery. She is brighter because she can see the improvements - not relying on me as much to help her get up and reposition herself, it has given her back some of her independence which is crucial to her well being. Thank you, as I write there are tears in my eyes in gratitute for your product. I have been working with her for quite some time with many modalities to continue to improve her walking, sleeping and mental state - the Infratonic has been extremely instrumental in all of those areas in such a short amount of time."

Gail Carpiniello, Amesbury, MA

"The patient is my dog - he has congenital hip dysplasia, causing periods of lameness and pain. Daily applications of the Infratonic directly on the hips and related muscle groups for 10 min. periods on the “Medium” intensity setting. The use of anti-inflammatories and pain relievers has now almost stopped and x-rays show a marked reduction in displacement. My dog now enjoys walks and can run and move without any signs of limping or pain. His quality of life has improved most dramatically."

M. D. Watkins, LMT , St. Petersburg, FL

"Quest, a 3 year old Labrador with a medial cruc. tear in the left knee was limping for 2 weeks. The scheduling of surgery was due in one week. In five treatments (before the surgery deadline) quest received 30 minutes at several points along the leg and tailbone (Mind). Surgery was postponed. After the first two treatments, the limping vanished; running and walking restored."

Ashley Rowan, LMT, Murraysville, GA

"The machine was used on our 4-month-old Chihuahua puppies when they were neutered and they had a most speedy recovery. Hence, the pups sleep with me at night and love to be next to the transducer. They love it and the shaking of the transducer doesn’t bother them at all."

Rudene Wible, Amarillo, TX

"Recently my neighbor’s dog almost lost an eye in a dogfight. I was amazed how the dog quieted right down when I put the CHI machine directly on his eye. His eye was slightly infected also. It healed his eye in record time and the infection went away too. A doctor may claim the effect of CHI is all in people’s heads, but when I saw the amazing effect it had on that dog, any doubt I may of had disappeared at that moment."

William Little, Congress, AZ

"A 10 year old golden lab mix developing stiffness in the hips over wintertime. After lying on the floor, the dog would hobble for a few steps before walking normally. Treatment with the QGM (Mind). Initially, the dog would not tolerate skin contact. Transducer was placed about one foot away from hips and run 30 minutes to one hour. Six treatments. In two weeks, the dog now jumps up from the lying position with little effort and appears more comfortable overall."

Joseph Johnigk, DC, Bartonville, IL

"A 4 week old pug puppy with cholic (gas). Treated with (Mind) on shoulders and stomach for 10 minutes daily. Now sleeps and has no pain."

Evelyn Briggs, Austin, TX

"I am a student of Mimi Porter's and I am studying to be an Equine Therapist. I recently received an Equitonic for my birthday. I have used it on some of my equine patients. I took my Equitonic home for Thanksgiving to show my parents. I applied the CHI Machine to everything that was hurt, sore, or irritated. My grandmother suffered a sprain in her left hand - within minutes she said the pain had ceased and she had increased flexibility. My sister had been working all day and her lower back was hurting - she used the Equintonic for about 10 minutes, and she also said her pain was relieved. My father and mother also used it.

The most amazing results, however, were on our 14 year old Miniature Daschund. For the past two or three months she has had extreme pain in her "armpits." Her activity level had significantly decreased and she would holler and whine when we picked her up. She willingly allowed me to apply the CHI Machine on her!

High for 10 minutes (5 per leg). She was good to go. She really enjoyed the treatment and now is back to her normal activity level and suffers no pain at all! She even came to me when I pulled the machine out for the second treatment the next day. It has been five days now and my parents say she is still doing great!"

Dana McMasters

"I have a 13 year old Labrador who was misdiagnosed with hermangiosarcoma, later to discover it was an undiagnosed chronic disease. I have borrowed an Infratonic QGM and used it on my dog for the past 6 weeks, needless to say she is running again, playing, and eating on her own. I thought I was going to lose her because of the cancer, or a stroke - whatever the case may be, but this machine has become my answer. I purchased one and use it on my dog with the transducer placed above her kennel for 4 hours each day. She bounces out of her kennel, her blood work is normal again, all without using any drugs. Thank you, and Shamie thanks you as well."



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