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"My eighty two year old neighbor had complained of severe chronic eye pain behind her left eye socket. She had consulted her internist, ophthalmologist and received an MRI. No clear diagnosis emerged and no relief was experienced. We decided to try the QGM (Mind) above the eye area.

After twenty minutes she experienced relief from the pain! Betty went to the ophthalmologist who was concerned about her condition and mentioned her unusual treatment option and the remarkable results. Betty was so relieved to finally get relief that her good mood naturally returned along with her sense of humor."

Francesca Rankin, Hilton Head, SC

"My granddaughter was combing my hair and accidentally stuck her long fingernail into my eye. The pain was tremendous and my vision began to blur. I thought my cornea was scratched. I held the Infratonic about 4 inches from my eye (Mind) for 20 minutes. The pain was reduced almost immediately. For the next 8 hours I used the Infratonic every hour for 10 minutes on medium. The next day my eye was fine. No pain or redness and my vision was clear."

Ollie Carver, Cleveland, OH


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