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"Problem: Scar tissue in upper back around right shoulder which causes severe pain down arm. Sacro=ileac pain. Years of adjustments that don't hold long. Gallbladder surgery scar still pulls and hurts.

Treatment: 10 minutes over each of the areas just once, produced such great results that I mowed my own grass and I am buying one.

Quality of Life Improvements: I had no quality of life other than: massage chair, water therapy, chiropractor therapy and on and on. Living from one mode of pain relief to the other. Now I can participate in life."

Diana Mcclintic RN. HNC, Indianapolis, IN

"Fibromyalgia/CFS and 2 herniated discs. Partial torn rotator cuff - left shoulder MRI’s (confirmed by 3 MDs). Treated (Mind) middle of chest, under navel and on each disc site. Also rotator cuff site. Everyday for one hour. No longer need physical therapy for rotator cuff - full range of motion. Lower back pain gone. Still working on neck. Still have Fibro/CFS but have returned to work with less fatigue. I use the machine whenever I’m tired and it restores energy. I am now able to exercise and have relief from anxiety and stressful feelings. I don’t leave home on long trips without it."

Rosemary Gonzalez, Austin, TX

She has been been treating herself for Fibromyalgia with the QGM since 1995. She treats daily for about 20 minutes in any areas that are bothering her at that time. Experiences much relief, especially when combined with icing of that area.

Marilyn Sturtevant, Peoria, IL

"Several years ago, I was in an automobile accident that injured my upper and low back as well as my neck. This accident was followed by a couple of other accidents that further exacerbated my condition. For years following the accidents, I was treated weekly by a chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncturist because of the pain and muscle spasms involved. In addition, I suffer with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis so my condition was compounded.

I have used the QGM daily (Mind) since I purchased it (anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours) on numerous points all over my body for the last several years. I started out using the QGM sometimes a couple of hours a day or more. Because my body is so much better, I now use the QGM only 30 minutes to an hour every couple of days. I am a true believer that the QGM works even though I also admit that my injuries were so severe it took several years for me to reach the point at which I am now. I believe that the key is patience and that the QGM can only unleash the pain and trauma in each individual’s body as that body permits.

I have reduced the amount of painkillers that I used to take by about half. Probably most noticeably is that for the past year, I have been able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for a long, long time. In addition for the past year or so I have not needed to use a chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncturist to help me manage the pain. I feel that I have definitely recovered a great deal over the past few years. At one point, I was unable to go out even for a few hours without severe pain. That is no longer the case."

Bettyanne Moore, Vacaville, CA

"I was introduced to this machine - the Infratonic - by Dr. Earnie Lyn of Augusta, GA. He used it on me before an acupuncture treatment and it helped immensely. I was so impressed that when I got back to North Dakota, I asked Kathy (my daughter) to order one for me. I have Fibromyalgia. It has helped with depression and pain, not much help with fatigue and insomnia. My youngest daughter has been helped with TMJ by using it."

Phylllis Kramer, Valley City, ND

"I purchased my first unit several years ago, then it was upgraded in May, 1998. I feel pretty well now, as the Infratonic has helped me a lot, and I see a big improvement in my Fibromyalgia condition."

Robert Zupancis, Aspen, CO

"I use my Infratonic for temporary pain relief every day, it makes a difference. My daughter is also using it with good results for bone healing after her car accident."

Catherine Kaiser, Enid, OK

"My Infratonic unit definitely makes me feel better. When I have my pain cycle, the machine breaks it up immediately."

Bobbie Oila, LMT, Sarasota, FL

"I have had my Infratonic unit since 1994, and I have upgraded it several times. I'm using it every day with great results, and I cannot exist without it. I recently broke my toe. I used my Infratonic on it, and all of the swelling and discoloration was gone with record speed. Please keep up the good work!"

Rose Kaval, Independence, OH

"I have purchased 11 Infratonic units in the past 8 years, for me and my friends. I have had success with the unit since I started infrasound treatments for my fibromyalgia. I am telling everybody how good these Infratonic units are. People always admit that this type of therapy helps them the most."

Marilyn Sturtevant, Peoria, IL

"Used (Mind) on upper back during massage. Reduction in pain and able to sleep better. Client always feels relived after each treatment; less pain."

Donna Rae, Boulder, CO

"Lupus, Polymyocitis, Addison’s disease and Osteoarthritis with multiple joint pain. I also have a herniated disk and Fibromyalgia. Treated at pain site, eyes, acupuncture pressure points. I use (Mind) and treat myself everyday for as long as time will allow. My body has improved dramatically. I have a lot of pain. My right knee used to be so swollen I could not walk. Now it is almost well. There are no words to tell the difference that the Infratonic has made in my body. Everything about me has improved. My doctors are amazed, and I expect to completely recover in due time. I bless all connected with this effort to bring pain relief and healing to the world."

Jackie Miessen, Miami, FL

"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1995. The Dr. felt that I had it long before that time but a car accident in May of 1995 made the pain and symptoms more severe and almost to the point of unbearable to move or motivate. I was placed on strong pain meds, including but not limited to Ultram, Vioxx, Celebrex. These brought on liver dysfunction. I was then given Mononitrate for the High Blood Pressure possibly caused by the pain meds. I was also put on Amitriptyline to help me sleep and relax. Next came Paxil to help with the depression brought on by being so limited in what I could do physically since the car accident. I was put on Mononitrate because of the anxiety attacks I believe I was getting from all the meds above.

I received my first Infratonic QGM in 1997. I began three times daily treatments. First on bottoms of both feet for improved circulation in my legs, my worst area of pain. I placed it on my right upper pelvis where tissue was torn from bone from the car accident. I then did behind my legs, my abdomen, below and to left and right of belly button. Then I go to my center chest and each side of temple and the top center of my head. It took about one and one half hours to do all these areas, sometimes longer on my tough pain days. As of November 2001, I take no prescribed meds. NONE -0-! I feel doctors are too ready to prescribe meds for every ache and pain and don’t get down to what’s the cause of problem. I still do daily treatments but only twice daily."

Kitty Holzer, Wishek, ND

"Severe Costochondritis (inflammation of tissue connecting ribs to breast bone; associated with Fibromyalgia. Use Infrasonic 8, 10 minutes (Body), followed by 10 minutes (Spirit), twice a day. Within a month the pain was significantly decreased to the point where I discontinued getting local injections!!! Because the local tenderness continues, I continue using the QGM with the goal of being pain free. It’s now much easier to put clothing on, but the most significant improvement is the peace of mind associated with not having to get regular pain injection in a very tender area."

Helen Calles, Kalamazoo, MI

"Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, poor digestive and elimination functions, low energy/chi, sleep disturbance. Long treatments on sternum and below navel. Also, short treatments, same points, at bedtime and power naps during day. Definite improvement in diagnostic wrist pulse, also pulses throughout acupressure points in entire body there now, indicating more chi. No more pounding pulse around navel area resulting in a quieter digestion/ solarplexus area. Many times when sleep is disturbed, Infratonic helped us return to normal sleep. More relaxed at bedtime and power daytime naps."

Roger Greenwald, Mesa, AZ

"A 39 year old female diagnosed with Fibromyalgia syndrome since 11/01, on disability since 02/02. Her symptoms include frequent headaches, mood changes, memory loss, bilateral knee pain, back pain between T1-L5 with radiation to bottom of feet, current upper respiratory infection with cough, pain in chest and posterior ribs, tinnitus in bilateral ears with fluid, general malaise and loss of energy.

3 treatments with the Infratonic 8, 20 minutes, (Mind) sweeping lung, bladder and large intestine meridians. Spot treatment on throat and heart. The patient states that during the treatment, she feels a tingling sensation down her spine and into her right elbow. (This is the arm in which she has the most pain.) After treatments she states she has not noticed any mental health changes, but has noticed more energy in the evening and can accomplish more tasks than usual. This is usually the time of day in which she is the worst and most symptomatic."

Jane Rackley, DC, Oakland City, IN

"I have fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders. The QGM made it possible for me to be able to have massage therapy. Prior to using it I could not tolerate even light touch. It has helped me to be able to have
treatments I couldn’t have before. Thanks."

Valerie Schlink, Valparaiso, IN

"I’ve had great result with my Chi machine. I’ve had good results with my fibromyalgia. I use the machine for my sinuses also, splitting the 20-minute session. I put the transducer over the master sinus point, above the bridge of my now and putting it on the sinus cavities above each eye. Then putting it on each side of the nose. My mother who had had sinus surgery three times keeps polyps from forming in her sinuses by using the machine on her face everyday. Her surgeon is amazed as she goes for check ups every 6 months. It took her awhile to be polyp free though. My mother also broke up a documented large gall stone into hundreds of pieces."

Marilyn Sturtevant, Peoria, IL

"Fibromyalgia. Began to become symptomatic in 1980 as an overall body pain with sleep difficult due to the pain, especially after physical exertion. Infratonic 8 was placed under the bed for continuous use during the night (Mind). Experimented with positioning the I8 under middle of back and sacrum. Pain and Sominex tablets have now been eliminated. Several times I have forgotten to turn the machine on. Wondering why I had not slept as well, I discovered I had not turned it on. So far middle of back position seems to be more effective. Reduced pain, better quality of sleep and perhaps more energy."

Cynthia Tippett, Santa Barbara, CA

"To date I have had 20 major surgeries. I had 6 vertebrae fused because of severe spinal stenosis. I’m in constant pain and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Presently I am scheduled for knee replacement and later this year I’ll require a hip replacement. I use the QGM (Mind) for 20 minutes, several times daily, day or night, whenever the pain becomes aggravating.

Since I started using your machine I found that my energy has increased and I accomplish more. My leg cramps are gone and emotionally I’m a happier person. Prior to using the QGM I had to force myself to perform simple tasks. I had difficulties concentrating and was always very tired. The continuous use of your Infrasonic QGM machine has resulted in alleviating some of my pains and reduced others to a tolerable level. On overnight travels, the machine is an essential piece of my luggage. I honestly could not be without this equipment anymore."

Karola Schumacher, Murrieta, CA

"Fibromyalgia Syndrome, muscle pain and currently a bad (six weeks long) case of the flu or a cold. Even while using Albuterol, I am experiencing shortness of breath and a feeling of constriction around my neck. I have a history of bronchitis and asthma. I have been using my Infratonic for the cold (Mind) on my chest, throat and sides of my neck as well as on my sinus areas, for periods of 20-30 minutes. Use of Infratonic helps to relax my bronchia and chest muscles and allows me to breath comfortably. I feel relaxed after using my machine which helps me get to sleep at night and I have been able to discontinue pain medication for my fibromyalgia syndrome. I am happy about that as I worried about side effects from long term, high dose Tylenol usage."

Billie Cook, Oak Harbor, WA

"Severe fibromyalgia, arthritis, torn ligament right ankle, back pain, herniated disk and nerve damage. Whole body pain. Emotions - used for grief, stress, meditation, healing from severe childhood abuse. I use it at least 3 times a day, ten minutes each treatment, in the evening at the area that needs the most treatment. Bottoms of feet, right ankle, below knees, pelvic, back, hands, neck and chest points. I don’t use painkillers, I use my machine. Didn’t need surgery on torn ligament or disk in back. I don’t know if I can begin to tell you how much this machine has affected my life in all areas. I have severe physical problems but am able to function without painkillers. Emotionally it is a huge asset, releasing stress and grief. It helps me to meditate much more deeply, helping me to release and heal severe childhood abuse and trauma. I am very grateful that I have it. Thank you."

Deborah Bachman, Topanga, CA

"Car accident; 5 herniated discs. Chronic fatigue, TMJ and Fibromyalgia. Treat every day for 3 years, 20 minutes to 3 hours per treatment. It’s the only thing that helps me get through the day. I would love to have the new model because I believe in it so much."

Cynthia Ransom, Jupiter, FL

"Arthritis, fatigue, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. I use the Infratonic daily. I had a blood test back and everything was fine. My pain is better. I have no pain in the morning but it returns later in the day."

Betty Arnold, Hutchinson, KS

"Systemic and skin herpes. The Lupus is attacking my skin with red lesions on my head, in my ears, nose and mouth and extremities. Also, it is attacking my muscles, bones and now my brain. I also am being treated for Fibromyalgia as well. I just received the Infratonic 8 and am using it all over my body for 20 minute durations, 2 to 3 times on day (Body)(Mind)(Spirit). It is too early to have x-ray, photographs or blood tests show any change (I’ve had the machine only for 9 days) but I do notice a reduction in my Morphine and Compazine. I definitely have reduced pain, improved sleeping and quality of my sleep. I have less fatigue and achiness. I feel less of a “cloud” over me and “fog” to think through. I am convinced of its healing abilities and am thrilled to be able to own an I8."

Christine Halbasch, Stevenson, WA

"I am a chiropractor, self-diagnosed with mild-fibromyalgia starting 30 years ago with left neck/trapezius injury. Now migrates to left hip, right neck, trapezius, rhomboid. Right shoulder injury 5 years ago. Numbness in both arms sleeping on either side. 20 minutes (Mind) every night at bedtime on most bothersome areas. Sometimes totally eliminates pain, always reduces it. I was a closet aspirin addict for 30 years, then developed a severe reaction/sensitivity of ringing in ears with any anti-inflammatory. Now able to function with essentially no meds at all. Able to continue demanding job of being a chiropractor with only occasional pain from various muscle aches of fibromyalgia. Was difficult before; considered changing careers."

Debra Novak, DC, Pittsburgh, PA

"It turns out that I have had Fibromyalgia for about 14 years now. Only knowing for SURE what to call it for the past 7 or 8 years. My right shoulder and rotator cuff are the things that have the most pain, most of the time, but I have also used the Infratonic on all the other parts of my body that are hurting as well. When my Sciatic nerve flares up, I put it on the bottom of each foot for about 20 minutes. This morning, I used it on my shoulder again. (I had it "hidden away" for a while when we had some out of town company, and somehow forgot about it...FIBROFOG !) When your most recent newsletter came, I took it out of hiding and am very glad I did, because the pain has been gone now for most of the day. I will use it again after I get off the computer. I am so glad that I went to the expense of ordering one for my personal use."

Linda, Spring, TX



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