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"I twisted my left ankle while wearing mid-high heels. An Osteopath gave me a full treatment the following day. The ankle pain which was not severe was relieved after a week or so. However, I had pain in the left hip area for several months, causing a limp. One night before going to sleep, I remembered the Infratonic. I used it directly over the sore hip area on high/continuous. The next morning the pain was gone and has never returned."
Elizabeth Garas, Scottsdale, AZ


"Ankle & Tendon problems. Ballet Dancer. Treated Kidney 6, Ashi Pts around affected area. 20 minutes each treatment. Pain is less, swelling is gone. She can dance again. Recovery was good."
Richard Chin, New York, NY


"Rolled over ankle of a professional basketball player for the Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs Professional basketball team. 20 minutes left ankle, Achilles tendon. After 2 treatments player played again, full stride."
Dr. Mark Losagio, Bethlehem, PA


"The CHI machine has given me my life back. I would hate to think of life without it. My ankle was turning purple and I was in chronic pain. I can’t work anymore because of all the pain. When I use the machine, the pain is greatly reduced. The color in my ankle has become normal and I have less pain.

I put the machine on many different parts of the body from 15 to 30 minutes. Now I have been able to reduce my medicines 90%. I sleep with the machine on all night, otherwise I can’t sleep. Thank you very much for giving me my life back."
Kurt Lunsman, Fountain Valley, CA


"Back and ankle, lower back and sprained ankle. Would use Infratonic QGM on lower back and ankle all night as I slept. I would be able to walk or stand in the morning without pain. I use the QGM religiously. Rarely leave home without it. I use it for relaxation. It seems to calm our birds and dog when applied. They gravitate to the QGM."
Franklin Snyder, San Leandro, CA


"Automobile accident 5 years ago crushed ankle, 5 operations, and constant pain ranging in intensity from 2 to 10. Acupuncture with Infrared light, Chi machine on solar plexus, and then 10 minutes of Chi machine directly on area. She brought a machine and used it daily and states she’s using it on her elderly parents for many reasons. Has needed no medicine in 3 months. She is walking further for longer periods of time, sleeping has improved and she states that she feels great for the first time in 5 years."
Barbara Ferro, Marblehead, MA


"My wife shattered her left ankle several years ago resulting in scar tissue and stiffness. Treated (Mind) 20 minutes two or more times daily. After treatment, there was an increase in mobility, and reduction of pain. Also, my wife had bruising on her leg due to an accident. Also treated with (Mind) 20 minutes per day. Swelling was reduced and bruising extensively minimized."
Bob Burkholder, Shippensburg, PA


"In 1995 I sprained my ankle rushin’ to Russian class! It was quite painful and I manipulated the bones in order to even reach the class. At home I used the QGM for an hour or two after wrapping the ankle in an ace bandage lightly. Some bruising was apparent at this time. I used it at bedtime also, and the next day there was very little swelling and no bruising remained! There was however, a pink area which was continuous from mid-foot to above my ankle, where the blood flow had dissipated, but which left after several days. I continued therapy periodically for pain and healing and have no residual from this moderate sprain."
Nancy Hegrat, Winchester, VA


"Broken left ankle, bone chip floating in tendons. Inoperable. I used the Chi machine on the outside of my left ankle (Mind) 20 minutes each day. It reduced the inflammation and pain. I can now resume walking on my treadmill for one hour per day."
Sharon Turner, Patagonia, AZ


"I have been a ballpark vendor for 39 years. I run up and down the steps at ball games selling cold beer, soda, etc. I am also a heavy equipment operator, which means that I sit in a cramped cab of a machine and hit throttle, brake, throttle, brake with my foot for 8 or more hours per day. Due to the heavy stresses that my legs and ankles have been under, I had developed pain, swelling and stiffness in my lower extremities.

When the Phillies baseball team was out of town, I was pretty close to normal in my ankle size, and I could walk without a limp. But after the first game of a home stand, I would get pain and swelling. I would also be limping. Previously with my old QGM I would have a lessening of pain after direct applications over a period of days. I would not return to almost normal till the team had left town for a couple of days. With the Infratonic 8, I placed the machine by my bed and let it run through the night. I received indirect treatment with a minimum of 2 hours at each of the Infratonic 8’s three settings (Body) (Mind) (Spirit).

Lo and behold! When I got up the next morning I couldn’t believe it. There was no pain, swelling or stiffness. I could walk without a limp. This has continued since I first started using the I8 in April. Previously I had been using the direct approach on my ankle. I did not start the indirect approach until after I talked with Janine at the CHI Institute, who told me of the success that she had with the machine over her desk. The continuous setting and the whole body approach have been very beneficial for me. Thank you."
Byron A. Sharpe Jr., Bala Cynwyd, PA

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