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"Late on Sunday night, I stepped on a rusty nail which, among other things had some herbicide which I used on my broccoli. By Monday my foot was badly swollen with red streaks. The doctor prescribed oral antibiotics and was considering putting me in the hospital with intravenous antibiotic IV. I tried to work on Tuesday but since I am a Massage Therapist, I'm on my feet extensively, and the swelling was so bad that a disk of swollen tissue on the bottom of my foot made my foot roll and twist to the side. I managed two clients, but the swelling and color were getting worse.

I brought a Infratonic home and applied it for a few minutes on the bottom of my foot, and then on the top. Within ten minutes, the swelling was down by half, and the disk disappeared. I was able to move my ankle again. The swelling went down so fast that I wondered where the water was going. After more treatments, about 15 minutes each, a couple of hours apart, it was down to minor swelling and the red streaks had vanished. It was on the mend."

Sharon Sandin, MT

"The Infratonic is a very interesting piece of equipment. The first time I used the machine, I had been walking for six hours and my feet were screaming for mercy. Using the Infratonic on the bottom of my feet provided great relief and fully energized by legs. I had a lump on my leg for approximately four years: The Infratonic machine dissolved the lump in a couple of days. The machine has also helped a painful hernia, ringing in the ears and extremely sore muscles due to over exertion. I have found the Infratonic to "Tone-up and Tune-up".

Bruno Dubaich

"A female patient had leathery feel to her skin on both feet and they were cold. For three weeks, we treated each foot for 5-minutes with the Infratonic on low. Circulation is better and her feet are warm."

Lana Lovelace, D.C., Denison, TX

"My foot got caught in the rug causing my whole foot to turn on its side and all my weight put on it. I heard a loud snap and thought I had broken something. The pain was immediate and I couldn't walk on my foot. Ice was immediately applied and my wife, Judy, took me home and put the Infratonic on it for approximately one hour. She then wrapped my foot and brought the ice pack back. In the evening, my foot was elevated and the Infratonic was on again for two hours. She then iced and wrapped it for the night. The next day it was sore but not swollen. I could wear my work shoe. The next few days the Infratonic was used daily.

Four days went by and I went for an X-ray. They said that the 5th metatarsal was broken and I needed a cast. The doctor was in shock that there was no swelling, no black and blue, and especially that I could wear my work shoe. He gave me a crutch and told me not to put my weight on it, but I did not need a cast. He said that whatever I had done was right and it worked like a miracle. He told me to come back in four weeks to get a new X-ray. I have many testimonies about the Infratonic, and how it has helped me in situations that would have required treatments or doctor's care. When I pulled my back, the Infratonic had me up and going in 24 hours. When I had tendonitis on my elbow, it immediately took away the pain and brought healing. I love my Infratonic, that's why my wife and I promote its quality to anyone who will listen."

Ronald Nowak, Mecca, OH

"A few years ago I encountered a moving vehicle, which ran over my foot and injured my leg and shoulder. Once in the house and cleaned up, I used the QGM on my foot, top and bottom and on my leg and shoulder. I did not realize it at the time, but using the QGM on my foot has taken care of hypoglycemia also. The next day I was able to walk and move about. Within 3 days soreness was gone. My foot is fine now, pain and symptom free. Most recently, chiropractic and massage therapy treatments have not been real successful in treating an aching back. 20 minutes each day with my QGM is all I need to be pain free. Thanks for your production of such a fantastic machine."

Janie Butterfield, Quincy, CA

"Condition: Neuritis flare-up right foot, unable to wear shoes due to pain.

Treatment: With client lying face down and using the positioning arm for the transducer placed 1: from the bottom of the foot. (Body) for 20 minutes.

Results: The pain was gone. The client could walk without pain."

Jeff St. Onge, San Diego, CA




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