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"I was stretching my hamstrings on the floor and had my legs spread in a “V”. I leaned over to stretch my right hamstring and heard a distinct “pop’ and my leg actually wobbled. It didn’t hurt at the time I did it. After about 2 hours pain set in. I treated with ice, massage, Guasha, chiropractor, moist heat and galvanic therapy for 2 weeks. My chiropractor suggested QGM on area 15 minutes. It took the pain away immediately and lasted for weeks. The torn hamstring at the Ischial tuberosity quit hurting for 2 weeks.

I decided to buy one myself and use it on my clients (I’m a massage therapist). Now about every 6 months I sit on it for 1/2 hour or so and it lasts another 6 months. I can now sit for longer periods of time. I can run without weakness and can stretch without pain. I thought I was headed for surgery, but this saved my leg and career. I use it effectively with my clients now with great success."

Penny Peed, MT, Hampton, VA


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