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"I was a jogger for the last 40 years every day. Last year I developed spurs on my right heel and had to stop jogging. Then it got so painful, I had to walk on my toes to get to the bathroom. I started using the Infratonic 8 CHI machine (Spirit) on my right heel for 10 minutes, as often as I could, sometimes as much as 8 times a day. Within one week, I was back jogging every day as before. I do not take any medication of any kind including painkillers. 100% improvement. No pain whatsoever. Walking, dancing and jogging as usual. I still use the CHI machine everyday on feet, heart and head and have never felt better. Totally relaxed after each use."

Natalie Safreed, Miami Beach, FL

"Acute condition. While on vacation, hiked up a 3,000 ft mountain. Rough terrain, extreme climb. On the way down, sliding through volcanic sand, pressure was applied to heels. Returned home. Started playing tennis and experienced discomfort at bottom of arch near heel. Possible heel spur. Trying chiropractic, various ointments and stretches did not alleviate discomfort.

Applied Infratonic (Body)(Mind)(Spirit) 10 minutes each setting, every 2 hours when possible for 3 days. On retiring and arising, 10 minutes (Spirit) on mid sternum. Person continued to play tennis every day during treatments. After 3 days, pain stopped. No residual left. Reduction in Advil and Wobenzym after 2nd day. Not using any ointments now. No discomfort on arising. Back on tennis courts with good energy and pain free. No problems stopping and starting quickly on the courts."

Arianne Koven, ND, Cathedral City, CA

"The patient has had a catheter in for a long time and was having chronic pain in the bladder. Had wounds on the heels of his feet for 3 months. Treated on lower abdomen (bladder) (Body) for 10 minutes and on heels for 10 minutes. Finished with sweeping (Spirit) on the whole body from head to foot on side and back and from the chest out through the fingers.

Very minimal drainage on the catheter. Reduced painkillers from 8 - 10 tabs to 6 tabs per day. Two days after the Infratonic treatments, the nurse observed considerable improvement on the wound. The wound previously measured 5” and was reduced to 3.5”. Sleeping well, minimal complaints on the bladder pain and the wound is healing fast."

Melche Caudor, Elgin, IL

"Heel spur pain. The patient has run over 100 marathons. He is 70 years old now. He is a local Atlanta television reporter on WSB Channel 2. Diagnosed with posterior calcaneal heel spur. Treated 15 minutes day (Mind) 20 treatments. 90% reduction in pain. Reduced Ca sharpness of the spur on x-ray. Now has more efficient stride. Has been running 2 to 4 races per weekend. No more limping. My wife says “Thanks”. Happier wife/Happier life."

Dr. Dan Batchelor

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