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"I have had Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis for 38 years. In 1989 I broke my right ankle. I broke both bones going into the joint. The skin ripped open and end of the bones were exposed. I was very lucky to still have my foot.

About 5 years later my disease had destroyed the cartilage in the ankle. I was having a great deal of pain trying to walk. Wearing an ankle brace & greatly cutting down on the amount of time I spent on my feet helped me to get through it. About 1998, I was started on the drug Enbrel. Enbrel costs about $1000 a month before insurance. This new drug was a great improvement for me. I could almost walk as much as I wanted. But after 6 months I had to stop the Enbrel due to complications. My ankle started to hurt again.

A friend told me about the CHI Machine and I decided to try it since it had a 30-day guarantee. I started out with sweeping then setting it on high on my ankle for 45 minutes on each side. Honestly, I did not notice any improvements by 30 days. But I decided to keep trying as my friend had had so many good results with it. So, I started leaving it on for several hours. After about 6 weeks I started noticing I could spend more time on my feet. After a few months I was about as good as when on the Enbrel. Twice in the last couple of years my transducer has broken. While it was sent away for repair my ankle has started hurting again both times."
Teresa Jessee, Franlin, OH

"Rheumatoid Arthritis since age 9. Now 52. Multiple joint corrections and replacements. Very active lifestyle with long distance walking and recumbent bicycling. My body is having to adjust to all the replacements, as I continue to enjoy being active with a lot of muscle pain after any time in my walking or biking.

At night (Body) continuous mode; (Mind) if I awaken during the night. This reduces my need to take pain meds at night. I also use (Spirit) when I meditate in the evening 30-45 minutes on the Solar Plexus. In the morning I sweep from head to toe. Pain meds reduced from every 4 hours to every 6-8 hours at night. Able to recover from surgeries more quickly. Often my body is uncomfortable before going to bed, but by midnight my body seems back to a normal ease of motion. Mentally I feel clear and ready for the day. I’ve had the Infratonic for many years, and your new Infratonic 8 gives me better relief."
Susan Echenrode, Los Altos, CA

"My success story with Infratonic 4 is about myself. I use this treatment every night while watching TV for one to two hours. I set it on “High” and apply it to the place of discomfort that day. I have osteoarthritis in my left shoulder and arthritis in my cervical spine that raises havoc with my nerves in my arm. I sit with the Chi energy flowing into the area for as long as my program lasts. I sleep with no pain and in the morning I find the stiffness and painfulness diminished as a result of the treatment.

In addition, I have lower back and hip pain that has had me literally “gimping” across the floor. It was painful to get in and out of my car, walk the stairs or the floor. I used the same protocol as for my shoulder problem. I am now able to walk, get in and out of my car with relative ease, and climb the stairs, vacuum, do gardening and yardwork with no pain or stiffness. I aim the CHI machine directly to the problem area with fantastic results."
Doris Gray, Toms River, NJ

"I am 82 and I've had arthritis for many years, but the past two years I have gone through several very stressful situations including open heart surgery, which aggravated the arthritis severely. I also have Polymyalgia Rheumatica in the muscles of my neck, shoulders, ribs and left arm. I have been on many medications and used many liniments and ointments. Now I have my own Infratonic and use it first thing in the morning, during the afternoon and at night. It stimulates the circulation and gives a feeling of well being, at the same time it is very relaxing. My friends can't get over how I look, and how I feel."
Esther Schnaubelt

"This Infratonic machine has become a very important part of my daily life. The benefits from it are beyond my wildest imagination. From arthritis, headaches, tension, sleep, and even waking up better and thinking more alert, it does it all. I've never felt so good in years and years."
V.M.W., Vancouver, WA

"I have had Arthritis in both knees for the past 13 years. Based on X-rays of them, my orthopedic surgeon is surprised at how well I walk. I usually used my Infratonic for 10-15 minutes in the morning and 20-25 minutes in the evening. The low setting seemed more effective than the high one. The pain has been reduced dramatically over the period of about 10 weeks, and the mobility has greatly increased. In fact, there are times when I don't even notice it!! Those who have endured chronic pain for years will understand the double exclamation points."
G.M.F., St. Louis, MO

"Treated for arthritis of knees and injuries after an auto accident - bruised upper chest from air bag. Used (Mind) on knees, bottoms of feet, chest and abdomen during massage. Client had more flexibility and less pain after each session. Client able to resume playing golf, definite reduction in pain."
Donna Rae, Boulder, CO

"A relative with severe arthritis in both knees and universal energy point on both hands. Placement of transducer on knees and hands for several hours (each 20 minutes on each spot). (Body) Significant reduction in pain despite lack of belief in it, even 24 hours later. One minor side effect - Patient experienced emotions/panic. May not be connected. This emotional stuff completely went away in 24 hours. She may have needed (Mind) or the (Spirit) setting too."
Joel Groner, Wheeling, IL

"Experiencing arthritis and rheumatism. Having problems sleeping for over 16 years. The person was receiving treatments 3 times a week for 20 min each time for the past 6 months. The Infratonic was used each time on DV17 mainly and CV6, St36, LI22, L14, GB20, GB40 and B60, B62, K3, K6. The patient does not take any sleeping pills anymore, and the pain has diminished 70%. The patient feels more alert, has more energy and is able to sleep through the whole night, feels more motion in her body and has more flexibility. I still see her once a week. It has helped her tremendously and she wants more. It is wonderful to use the Infratonic. All of my patients love it and are addicted to it."
Nathalie Abt, Summerland, CA

"After receiving our Infratonic 8, I started to treat my wife with full body sweeps (Spirit). Polly has had arthritis in her entire body for a number of years and received immediate relief. She was able to relax and the pain level was reduced. We have not been able to reduce the medication but she can get relief as the medication starts to wear off. We have also used the 4.3 CHAOS and now the Infratonic 8 to reduce panic attacks. Using the body setting, we placed the transducer on the coccyx. After about 10 minutes, Polly received relief and was able to sleep. We believe that the Infratonic 8 has been a major factor in keeping Polly’s arthritis and related issues under control and allowing her to maintain a positive attitude."
Jack & Polly Oates, Sun City West, AZ

"Let me take this opportunity to tell you how much the Infratonic QGM machine has helped me with my ongoing disabilities such as arthritis and diabetes. For years I have been waking up with pains in my legs and feet, especially my toes. I would go to acupuncture and the treatments would help immediately. January of this year I started to have severe pain, and this time my treatments did not give me relief.

In February, I heard about your QGM machine and decided to purchase it. Thanks to your machine and in conjunction with my acupuncture treatments I have had success. As soon as I get a twinge of pain I apply the QGM and I’m ready to go walking. Applications at home for ten-minute intervals during the day, with the sweeping technique as suggested for 10 minutes. Now all I find necessary is to treat myself for 5 minutes less frequently and I receive the same results."
Theresa Magnus

"I awoke one morning with arthritis so bad I could barely walk. I use the Infratonic all night every night (Mind). I have an older machine, which I purchased in 95. I sleep with the machine every night. My shoulder and neck were especially bad. I would sleep with it on my shoulder. Complete recovery. I now even run 5 times a week. I am 67 years old and lead an active lifestyle including my own business. Also a caregiver for my husband."
Margaret McCormick, Huntington Beach, CA

"PAC & PVC heart condition & arthritic left hip. Treat 20 minutes, 8 times daily in each location. Able to delay hip replacement and be ambulatory and pain reduction for hip. Less contractions of heart, thus less arrhythmias. Able to be more mobile and have increased energy."
Anita Lindstrom, Newport Beach, CA

"Arthritis, fatigue, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. I use the Infratonic daily. I had a blood test back and everything was fine. My pain is better. I have no pain in the morning but it returns later in the day."
Betty Arnold, Hutchinson, KS

"I have had RA for about 10 years and am taking methotrexate once a week. I often have stiffness at the back of my neck, shoulders, and sometimes the upper arm areas. My acupuncturist uses the Infratonic machine in all of her treatment rooms...and that is how I first learned of it. So I bought one about six months ago. I keep it on a table at the foot of my bed with the unit pointed at my feet. It is turned on LOW and CONTINUOUS all night long. If I have any problems upon awakening, why then I just rub the hand unit over the area...or hold it on the area for a few minutes. It is a real godsend!"
Janet Lee

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